What do Minecraft Density, Breach, and Wind Burst enchantments do? Let's find out the answers here and learn how to get and use these new enhancement books in the Tricky Trial Update. They are the best enchantments for the new Minecraft weapon - Mace in this patch.

Minecraft Mace
Minecraft Mace has three exclusive enchantments.

#1. Minecraft Density

Density is a new enchantment in Minecraft Tricky Trial Update. It charges the damage value to the new weapon Mace based on the height of falling. The added damage value per block depends on the level of this enchantment.

Density Level Added damage points per block Number of hearts
1 0.5 0.25
2 1 0.5
3 1.5 0.75
4 2 1
5 2.5 1.25

The higher you fall, the more damage points you can add to the Minecraft Mace. For example, you can add 25 damage points to a Density-enchanted Mace when jumping down from a 10-block-high place. It makes this weapon powerful enough for the user to kill a strong boss like Warden. You must hold the Mace in your hand when falling to charge its damage points.

Mace Density
Hold the Mace enchanted with Density to charge its damage points.

How to get Density Enchantment?

You can get Density Enchantment books by looting or crafting. The first way to obtain this exclusive enchantment is by crafting. Follow these steps to get this book using the Enchanting Table.

  1. Open the enchanting table.
  2. Surround the table with 15 bookshelves to maximize the chance of obtaining Density V.
  3. Put a Mace and three Lapis Lazuli chunks on the table.

When you loot structures that are more likely to generate enchantment books, you may get Density books for Mace.

Minecraft Density
Loot Minecraft Density books or craft them using the enchanting table.

#2. Minecraft Breach

Breach is more complicated than Density. Instead of buffing your weapon's power, this enchantment boosts the output damage on the hit target by reducing its armor health. The Minecraft Breach has 4 levels. Here's the percentage of ignored armor health at each level:

Breach Level Percentage of ignored armor health
1 15%
2 30%
3 45%
4 60%

It makes Minecraft Mace effective in countering armored mobs and enemies, such as Zombies, Skeletons, Husks, Stays, and Piglins. Here are some examples of Breach IV's power that may impress you:

  • Kill a player geared with a full set of Netherite armor IV in 8 crit hits;
  • Eliminate a player protected with a full set of enchanted-leather armor IV in 7 crit attacks;
  • Breach IV, when paired with the enchantment Strength II, will allow the Mace to kill an enemy protected with enchanted Netherite, Iron, or Leather armor level IV in 4 crit attacks.

That's why every Minecraft player wishes to get Breach IV. Learn how to get Breach Enchantment in the next part.

How To Make Mace Minecraft
Enchant the Mace with Breach to boost the output damage.

How to get Breach Enchantment?

Like Density, Breach enchantment is also available to obtain from looting and crafting. Here's how to craft Breach books in Minecraft Tricky Trial:

  1. Open the enchanting table.
  2. Put the Mace in the left and three Lapis Lazuli chunks in the right slot.
  3. Place 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table to increase the chance of gaining Breach III. Combine books to get Breach IV.

You can get Breach books when looting Ominous Vaults in the Trial Chambers or other structures where enchantment books often spawn.

Minecraft Breach Enchantment
Breach V is very effective in dealing with armored enemies.

#3. Minecraft Wind Burst

Wind Burst is one of the best enchantments for Mace in Minecraft Tricky Trial 1.21. It's also an exclusive enchantment for this new melee weapon. When enchanted with this enchantment, the Mace will create a burst of wind when smashing to knock your character and enemies into the air.

You should enchant the Mace with Density to charge the damage value when falling. It's a wise tip to maximize the power and efficiency of this weapon. The hit targets will be knocked back by:

  • 8 blocks (Wind Burst I)
  • 16 blocks (Wind Burst II)
  • 24 blocks (Wind Burst III)

Minecraft Wind Burst can also be applied to the Mace by using an anvil or enchanting table. It allows you to perform a chain of smash attacks to eliminate enemies on a wide AoE.

Minecraft Wind Burst Enchantment
Minecraft Wind Burst Enchantment allows players to deal smash damages continually.

How to get Wind Burst?

Unlike Density and Breach, this enchantment cannot be crafted. Wind Burst enchantment books are only available from Ominous Vaults. You must explore the Trial Chambers to loot these vaults and obtain these enchantment books.

You have to defeat hostile mobs spawned by the Trial Spawners to get the Ominous Trial Keys and unlock these vaults. This enchantment book is quite rare, so you shouldn't ignore any Ominous Vaults.

The Mace Minecraft
Enchant the Mace with Wind Burst to perform a chance of smash hits.

Minecraft Density, Breach, and Wind Burst enchantments are the best enchantment books for the Mace. Let's get and use them wisely to make this melee weapon more powerful. Stay updated for further guides and tips on Gurugamer.com.

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