The COVID-19 pandemic has been making the life of many people really tough over the last year. But hard times are also when people can show how strong they are against hardship and it is absolutely beautiful to witness it.

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Obi Dadi is the proud father, who gave his son a PS 5 for beating cancer twice a year during the pandemic

Recently, a story has just gone viral on Twitter about a kid who beats cancer twice during the pandemic while he was turning 6. To make it even more special, his dad rewarded him with a PS5 on his 6-year-old birthday.

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The post got more than 460 thousand likes in just less than one day as people share it and send sweet blessing to the kid and his family for what they have achieved. Here are some of the comments.

Yenum wrote:
Happy Birthday to your son , he would grow in good health & live a fulfilled life . Cancer would never return . God bless your family and joy would forever remain in your home.

A guy shares his own story of his son Zak beating leukemia:

Beast! That's what my son Zak is doing. BEATing leukemia right now. Congrats little dude!

A user wrote:

Man at 6 years old? Life ain’t fair at all man. Shout out to the young boy for always fighting

The PS5 is the latest generation of consoles by Sony and it is sold out everywhere now. So even though, the retail price was only $500, there is no stock left and most people have to buy it with double the price.

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