Not long before, Jesse TheRealShookon3 Latham, a popular IRL Aussie streamer on Twitch, got an unforgettable experience when being fooled by a ‘fake’ waitress.

Streamer Scammed

As an IRL streamer, TheRealShookon3 often shares his experiences about daily life and travel with the netizens. At the time when the incident in question took place, he was in a bar and a woman who acted as a waitress approached him.

Like a pro waitress, the woman asked TheRealShookon3 what he had ordered and then calculated his bill. After the streamer paid the bill, the woman went off.

At that time, the streamer didn’t realize yet what’s going on to him. The video figured out that the deceitful woman came to his desk while he was sitting alone. She asked TheRealShookon3 whether he wanted to order more drinks or not.

The streamer refused and the woman said that the pub would get closed in a few moments, and therefore, he should soon pay his bill. Both started to calculate how much he had to pay. Accordingly, she said that he had to pay $600 for his total bill, but it was a bit “lucky” that he immediately realized that she made a mistake and he just needed to pay $500, instead.

Real Waitress
Just when talking to the real waitress, he realized what had happened.

The waitress also admitted that she got a calculation mistake. However, the nice streamer still gave her a tip after paying his bill. A few moments later, when TheRealShookon3 met the real waitress, he just learned what’s going on. The girl of this time asked him “Where is the girl that’s sitting here besides?”

No need to say how surprised TheRealShookon3 got. All that he could say at that time was to ask the real waitress whether the previous girl worked here or not. Her answer was obviously a “No”.

Apart from bursting out laughing, the streamer may not know what to do. He added, “Oh my god, I did get scammed!”

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