YouTube has made an impressive development over time, along with a variety of content created by YouTubers. In recent days, one of the most notable and sensitive topics that draw a lot of attention on the Internet is sex education and related stories. Not long before, in a free interview, a female YouTuber made the audience shocked when revealing her true story about this topic.


To get more specific, the interview in question was titled “What is the worst experience about making love you have got?” No need to say, this shocking topic was enough to arouse curiosity from the viewers. It also worth noting that guests were known as popular ones.

Accordingly, one of the guests was a beautiful and sexy female YouTuber named Rose. She frankly revealed her most forgetful experience with her ex-boyfriend in the past. Rose said that “It” was actually very small, just only 3cm so that she even initially didn’t see it. While saying, she also made a pretty delicate gesture to demonstrate what she wanted to mention.

However, that wasn’t the worst thing in her experience at that time. The hot YouTuber said the whole duration of lovemaking merely lasted three seconds. It was obvious that she got a very bad memory because, as she admitted, she even didn’t feel anything - that was completely different from what she had hoped.

It’s not hard to guess what her love story with this boyfriend would then take place. That’s true. The couple soon said goodbye to each other.

Youtuber Korea

Rose wasn’t afraid to state that the atmosphere is actually important but things turn nonsense when her partner just has 3 cm and 3 seconds. What she said makes many feel very surprised, even unbelievable.

On the other hand, some wonder why, in front of such a sexy girl as Rose, her ex-boyfriend could make a bad performance. Additionally, this video also received a lot of mixed opinions about YouTuber Rose’s bold confession.

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