While at first, streaming was meant for gaming with mostly male streamers, now, it has turned into something more with various types of content other than gaming and it allows more female streamers to pursue this career path. Most female streamers just chatting on the stream with their fans.

As long as the streamer is good looking and has a charming personality, they can get a lot of attention from viewers.

There is a trend among female streamers nowadays that they would make a video call with their fans and talk to them personally right on the stream in front of thousands of viewers.

Yuki, a beautiful female Chinese streamer, also does this type of content a lot on her stream. However, she would deny if a fan wants to meet her in person in real life.

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That being said, recently, during a video call with a male fan on stream, the guy said he wanted to have a date with her. She denied his offer right away but what he did after that has absolutely astounded everyone, including Yuki. The guy donated to her Rs 2 lakh as a gift right after getting denied. Yuki has never been given such a huge amount of donation before so she changed her mind and decided to go on a date with him.

More surprisingly, the next day, Yuki showed on her stream that she has engaged with him and show 2 marriage certificates as proof. According to her, she felt that they had a really strong connection on that one date so they decided to do it right away. Yuki said that she felt like it was a dream comes true.

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When this story when viral on the internet, some people give them their blessing and be happy for them while others being skeptical that this was just an act and this guy might actually be her boyfriend for a very long time already instead of a random stranger.

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