A jacket, a rat, and a trash man walk into the bar - it is not a joke though. In fact, it is the setup of an adorable grimy RPG SNES-style game. Its name is Kingdoms Of The Dump, and it went on Kickstarter a few days ago. Its development team, Roach Games, is on the search for the fund to deliver this game. From the trailer, I can say that this game is quite a charmer as well. It is a fantasy adventure at Dump Kingdoms from Lands Of Fill. The Garbagia's king is missing, and it is the mission of Dustin Binsley and his friends to rescue him. Watch the trailer of the game below.

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It is a fantasy adventure at Dump Kingdoms from Lands Of Fill.

Kingdoms Of The Dump

Many "retro" games on the market claim that they have 16-bit or 8-bit style, but few games like this achieve the true SNES style. If it was not for the too good combat animation, I could even believe that it is a lost SNES game. They nail the music as well as it sounds like those real damaged sound chip as well. Still, this game has its own spins as well. It features a fascinating grid-based battle system. While you could explore around its "not simple" overworld. This game feels retro in the right way. I can best describe it as a prototype that someone takes out of the trash.

It features a fascinating grid-based battle system.

But the main highlight of this game is its strange, silly setting. From its Kickstarter's page, we know more about the game's kingdoms - Mammalon, Carpentos, Buggaria, Detergeos, and Garbagia. It is truly a "rubbish" fairytale, with a story like Mamalon's dogs are not well received by Carpentos' people because they chew on stuff. There is also that cowboy librarians order that "hunt" for those overdue books.

Kingdoms Of The Dump 1
It is truly a "rubbish" fairytale.


The game has been in development for quite a while; I saw some shots of it on social media before. Because the dev team is comprised of only 2 people ( 2 janitors in fact), it is still far from completion. They are playing it safe with the stretch goals, too.  5000 dollars above target and they will invite Kiroki Kikuta to do a guest track. 20,000 dollars above target and there might be console ports. Beyond that, they want to keep it a secret. I wish them luck because I really want to play this game.

The game looks fun and promising with its trailer

The game is on Kickstarter at the moment with the target of raising 60,000 dollars to release the game by 2022 October.