If you are up for some nostalgist with the pixel art style, sprite characters, and fast-paced action RPG, then I am sure that Castle in the Darkness 2 will be able to satisfy you.

Castle in the Darkness wasn't the most popular game of 2015, but it is sure a decent pick up for classic RPG fans. Just recently, LABSworks Twitter revealed that Castle in the Darkness 2 is now in development and they will reveal little by little about the game on the 2nd of every month through short trailers. Here is the first mini trailer of Castle in the Darkness 2.

No further detail about the game was revealed, but we can see from the trailer that the story of Castle in the Darkness 2 is going to be quite simple and familiar. The castle is plagued by darkness and evils. You will be controlling a warrior called Zeni to head into the castle filled with monsters to rescue the princess who you love.

Castle In The Darkness 2 Announcement Trailer 0 37 D5ea_wm
A warrior try a save the princess from an evil castle

The game keeps the pixel art style from the first game but is more polished. The creator, Matt Kap, explains that he didn't have much time to finish the first game as he was working alone. So the first game had an 8-bit style to make things simpler for him. However, with this game, he has the back up of Simon, who takes care of the "technical stuff," and other specialists to help him so he can focus more on the graphics, music, and game design.

Castle In The Darkness 2 Announcement Trailer 0 10 5b3a_wm
The release date of the game is currently unknown

Castle in the Darkness 2 is planned to be released for PC through Steam. The exact release date is currently unknown. We will update you with the latest information about the game as soon as it is available.