Rockstar has been adding more and more content to GTA Online, including all kinds of recurring collectibles. Amongst them, the Shipwrecks are the trickiest, as they spawn randomly underwater and can be hard to find. Rockstar added them to the game in the Los Santos Tuners update last year.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of all shipwreck locations in GTA Online 2022.

GTA Online Shipwreck map

Below is a map of all possible spawns of shipwreck treasures:

Shipwreck Gta
Shipwreck collectible map in GTA Online
  1. Elysian Island/Autopia Parkway
  2. Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) #1
  3. Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) #2
  4. Del Perro Pier
  5. Vespucci Beach
  6. Del Perro Beach
  7. Banham Canyon
  8. Chumash
  9. Lago Zancudo #1
  10. Lago Zancudo #2
  11. Zancudo River
  12. North Chumash
  13. Paleto Cove
  14. Paleto Forest/Paleto Bay
  15. North Point, Paleto Bay
  16. Procopio Beach/Paleto Bay
  17. Procopio Beach #2
  18. Mount Gordo #1
  19. Pacific Ocean #1
  20. Pacific Ocean #2
  21. Cape Catfish
  22. San Chianski Mountain Range #1
  23. San Chianski Mountain Range #2
  24. San Chianski Mountain Range #3
  25. Tataviam Mountains #1
  26. Tataviam Mountains #2
  27. Palomino Highlands #1
  28. Palomino Highlands #2
  29. Palomino Highlands #3
  30. Cypress Flats

About GTA Online Shipwreck

There are 30 possible locations. Each real-life day, resetting at 06:00 UTC at the same time as the Daily Objectives, a chest will spawn next to a wrecked longboat at the same random location in all online lobbies. All players in the session are able to collect the same chest.

Similar to previous treasure hunt items, the chests also emit a sound, which helps with locating them. If enabled, the player's controller will also vibrate when approaching a chest.


By collecting all 7 Outfit Scraps found inside chests at shipwrecks around Los Santos, players will be able to earn an unique reward called the Frontier Outfit. Track the daily discovery of the shipwreck location via the Inventory section of the Interaction Menu.

How To Get Gta Online Frontier Outfit
Red Dead Online fans were quick to notice that the Frontier Outfit is actually the Pittman Outfit

Each shipwreck treasure will give the player $20,000 and 2000 RP. After seven have been collected, players will still receive cash and RP for collecting subsequent daily chests.

New Smuggler random events in GTA Online

Similar to the Los Santos Tuners update, Rockstar has also added two new random events into the open world in the Criminal Enterprises update: Smuggler Plane and Smuggler Trial.

Both events offer quick cash opportunities in Freemode for gamers. Below is what you need to do in each event:

  • Smuggler Plane – They must follow a damaged plane to its crash site and retrieve the briefcase (rewards).
  • Smuggler Trial – They need to follow a trail of smoke emitted by a flair into the sky and find the Smuggler Cache.

On Newswire, the developers described the events as:

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