A journey in the post-human world with a black wolf? I'm in! The developer Mooneye Studios is very excited to announce that they'll publish their visually stunning 3D platformer - Lost Ember in November!

Humankind is good for most of everything they do, but they can never change the fact that they'll finally self-defeating themselves. Luckily, the world is better without the "smartest creatures" on the planet, and you'll learn how they've been wiped out through Lost Ember.

Below is the trailer showcasing how beautiful this adventure is, which you should plug in the earphone before watching to catch the full vibes:

The story of Lost Ember

Lost Ember takes the settings of the world after human was extinct, and the animals don't have to fear about the scariest predators anymore. Take control of a black wolf, you've encountered with a strange sprite, which can turn into any animals it wants.

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 1
The black wolf is your main character in this game

Together, you two will explore this vast world through various biomes. Using the abilities of the sprite, you'll learn how all the creatures on this planet live, and also the mystery behind the fallen of human civilizations.

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 8
Learn about the beauty of nature without humans

The developer Mooneye Studios has been shying away from telling us more about what will happen in this game. However, we know for sure that Lost Ember will convey the meaningful message from them: If we continue to destroy the Earth like we're doing now, this world is going to be our future.

Gameplay features

Lost Ember is a gorgeous 3D platformer, where you'll join with the black wolf and the shape-shifting sprite on the journey of the post-human world. Without the threats from people, the world is now seeing a lot of creatures that you can turn into. And not only you can take their shapes, but you can also try living their lives as well.

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 2
Using the power the sprite to turn yourself into any species you want

For example, you can explore the life of a bird, flying freely through canyons as a parrot. If you love the sea, you can turn into the most colorful fish on the planet, swimming through lakes and rivers. And if you're a jungle-type, you can try the life of a wombat - flying and diving from trees to trees.

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 5
Being able to fly freely like a bird is the dream of everyone

And don't forget about our wolf. Spreading your legs all over a vast field only existing in a dream, but now, you can share those feelings with your main characters. The developer has spent 5 years working and polishing this game, and you can see how well they've done through the trailer above. The environment in this game is very detailed and vivid, which you might feel like living in this place forever!

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 6
The world of Lost Ember is very stunningly beautiful

However, Lost Ember is not only about aimlessly exploring the beauty of the world. In fact, you will also come across the ruins of civilizations namely Yanrana culture, and find out the reasons leading to humankind's disappearance. The developer has revealed that it will be a story of betrayal, despair, and loyalty, but we don't have any idea what it will be at this moment.

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 3
What has led humans to their self-defeat?

Release date

Mooneye Studios will release Lost Ember for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam and GOG on November 22. At launch, the game's price will be $29.99, which will be very likely a discount event to mark its release.

Lost Ember Release Date Pc Consoles 7
The game is coming for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 22

Lost Ember will also come to Nintendo Switch right after, as the developer has promised that they'll release a Switch version one month after the initial release. Are you excited to get into this journey?