The remake of fans' beloved game - MediEvil is coming very close to its release date now. And with the aim of soaring the temperature up a little bit, Sony has released a 33-minute video showing the improvements in this 2019's version, compared with the 1998's one.

You can see this video down here. However, if you don't have nearly half an hour to spend, just check our summary below:

About MediEvil

If you somehow lived your childhood without the chance to touch PlayStation 1, you might probably haven't heard of this game. MediEvil is a classic action-adventure with hack-n-slash gameplay that was released exclusively for PS1 in 1998.

Medievil Now And Then Gameplay Comparision 1
MediEvil originally launched in 1998 for PlayStation 1

To be more specific, the game will bring you to the fantasy medieval Kingdom of Gallowmere. Step in the shoes of the undead charlatan knight - Sir Daniel Fortesque on his quest to bring peace back to the kingdom while redeeming himself. His greatest enemy and also the one that brought him death - the wicked wizard Zarok is invading the kingdom, and no one can stop him rather than Daniel Fortesque.

Medievil Now And Then Gameplay Comparision 2
Sir Daniel Fortesque is reviving 'again', but in 4K resolution now!

However, Zarok accidentally revived Sir Dan, giving him the second chance to stand against him again. The kingdom needs you, and Dan will rise again to bring peace for it, as well as redeem his place as a true hero! Below is the story trailer of the game that came out earlier in May, which you can have a look:

As I've mentioned, MediEvil is a hack-n-slash game, in which Dan can use many kinds of weapons to smack his enemies down to the ground. Specifically, he can use both melee weapons such as swords and clubs and ranged weapons like crossbows. But if he doesn't have any of them, the undead knight can rip his bone-arm off and wield it or throw it away at his foes.

Medievil Now And Then Gameplay Comparision 3
Dan can use both long-range weapons and melee weapons

Those weapons are not only useful at fighting but also at adventuring and solving puzzles as well. For example, Dan can charge his attack with the club to perform a strong blow, opening an entrance to some secret areas. To cut the long story short, MediEvil is no-doubt an epic title that has stolen many childhoods of video gamers!

A beautiful remake for PS4 is coming

Last year, the gaming community has gone crazy with this good news: A remake version of MediEvil is under development, and it will come to PlayStation 4. It's not only a great chance for the newcomers to have a chance to dive into the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque but also for the veterans to satisfy their nostalgic feelings of a classic title.

The developer of this MediEvil remake is Other Ocean Interactive, and they will bring the classic experience into today's graphics standards. To be more specific, they'll still keep the old-but-gold elements of the gameplay, but will improve them a little bit and blend them with gorgeous visuals.

Medievil Now And Then Gameplay Comparision 4
With this PS4 remake, Dan will rescue his kingdom in gorgeous graphics settings!

From 4:3 ratio and low resolution in 1998, the developer has revamped it into 16:9 modern ratio, and all of the undead fights will happen in 4k resolution. “Remade from the grave up” - that's what Sony and Other Ocean Interactive have primed about this PS4's remake of MediEvil. You can have a look through the trailer above to see what they meant!

Release date

MediEvil will rise from the tomb to PS4 this October. The specific date is October 25, which means we only have to wait for 2 more weeks to dive back into our childhood memories.

Are you excited about this remake?