The Merryweather Heist GTA 5 is the second heist mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 that’s carried out by Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa. Moreover, it is also the first to involve Trevor Philips. Today, we’ll be walking you through how this mission plays out and what objectives you must achieve to get the Gold Medal.

GTA V The Merryweather Heist Preparation

To be able to perform this heist, Trevor must have completed some preparation missions in order to obtain the equipment needed. There are 2 different ways that you can approach this mission, and the number of preparation missions needed will vary depending on which one you opt to go for, though both will require you to have a Submersible.


Only 1 preparation mission is needed for this: Minisub. If you pick this approach, Trevor will call Franklin and tell him to go practice at the Shooting Range to improve his shooting skills.


If you want to go for this approach, you’ll need to complete Minisub AND another mission: Cargobob. For this, Trevor will call Michael instead and advises the latter to improve his pilot skills at the Flight School.

Gta 5 Second Heist
Both approaches will require you to have a Submersible

GTA 5 Heist Walkthrough: The Merryweather Heist

As mentioned, the heist will play out in 2 different ways depending on which approach you want to take:


Trevor, Franklin, and Michael gather at Floyd's Apartment to discuss the plan. Trevor then drives Franklin to the Miriam Turner Overpass, where the latter gets off and heads to the vantage point. A couple of in-game hours will then pass, and it is now dusk. You’ll switch to Michael, who will then dive into the water to get onto the freighter.

With Franklin covering him by sniping down the guards from afar, Michael makes his way inside the freighter and plants 4 Sticky Bombs on the ship. He’s then spotted and has to make a run for it, and now you switch control to Franklin. Your task now is to help Michael escape by killing the men pursuing him and shooting down a Merryweather helicopter.

Second Heist Gta 5
When Michael gets to a safe distance, he'll detonate the bombs and sink the freighter

When Michael gets to a safe distance, he detonates the bombs and sinks the freighter. At this point, you’ll return to controlling Michael once again, who puts on dive gear to search the wreckage for the device they need to steal. Michael locates the device, Trevor – driving a Submersible – will pick it up and return to the dock.

Lester Crest then arrives in hospital clothing to tell the 3 characters that the device they've just stolen is a very dangerous weapon and demands that they return it immediately. Trevor declined, but Michael promises to find him another "score". As a result, Lester and Floyd depart to return the weapon. Michael and Franklin leave as well, and Trevor is left alone on the dock.

GTA 5 The Merryweather Heist Gold Medal Walkthrough: Freighter Approach


For this, the trio still meets at Floyd’s apartment, but then they go to the Sandy Shores Airfield instead. Here, Trevor gets in the Submersible that Floyd and Wade delivered, and Michael picks it up using the Cargobob, fly to the Merryweather test site in the Pacific Ocean, and drops it off. Trevor locates the device with a Trackify app and surfaces. You’ll now control Michael to lift the Submersible out of the water, but as you make your way to the airstrip, you will be attacked by Merryweather boats and helicopters. In order to escape, you must take down these pursuers as Franklin.

When you safely land at the airfield, Lester will also arrive and the same screen as we described above plays out again, at the end of which Trevor is left alone at the airfield.

The Merryweather Heist GTA 5 Gold Medal Walkthrough: Offshore Approach

GTA V Heist Walkthrough: Gold Medal Objectives


  • Headshots - Headshot 12 enemies.
  • Accuracy – Gets a minimum of 80% accuracy at the end.
  • Ninja – Use stealth to kill 12 enemies.
  • No Alarms – Reach the interior of the ship without getting spotted.
  • Container Hunter – Locate the container within 1 minute.

The Merryweather Heist Gta 5
No matter which approach you choose, there are quite a few things you must do to achieve the gold medal


  • Salvager - Locate the container within 2 minutes.
  • Time – Finish the entire mission within 14 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Show no Mercenary - Kill all Merryweather pursuers.
  • Weathering the Storm - Escape the pursuit in 4 minutes or less.

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