Komi Games - the indie developer with basement in Toronto has announced its new self-published game - Mighty Fight Federation.

It's the title to remind us about the classic arena fighters, but this game features a range of characters with unique skillsets.

Watch this announcement trailer to figure out how this game looks:

The background behind Mighty Fight Federation

The face that Mighty Fight Federation is a multiplayer fighting game doesn't mean that it doesn't have a fascinating background story.

The game takes the settings of space under the control of a mighty being. People call him as Hyperion - the one with the strongest power that space has seen. He's too powerful, to the point that he even bends reality and gathers the most aggressive warriors among many universes to make money.

Mighty Fight Federation 3d Arena Fighters Coming O
Hyperion has hired the hypest warriors to this fighting event

With those warriors, he will host an entertainment event that accounts the highest pay-per-view - The Mighty Fight Federation!

The Hype Energy brings hype to the players!

According to the developer, Mighty Fight Federation is a 3D arena fighter with the focus more on the fighting elementals.

To be more specific, the game gives you 11 weird looking characters to choose from. Each of them has their own abilities and play styles, which you might try to find out who is the most suitable one for you. Furthermore, all of them has their unique one-time use ultimate attacks - the Hype Attacks that you can use at any time in a match.

Mighty Fight Federation 3d Arena Fighters Coming O
Each character has a one-time-use Hype Attack

That's why mastering all characters is the key to your success, especially with the Hype Energy mechanics. It's the most special feature in this game, providing you with a lot of potentials to turn the table and determine the outcome of the match. Basically, it's a two-bar gauge which gives you the ability to perform three special maneuvers. You gain your Hype by both hitting your enemies and getting hit, so the bar is very likely to fill many times in a match.

Mighty Fight Federation 3d Arena Fighters Coming O
Your Hype bar will increase during the match

The first thing you can do with Hype is Breaker. It will take one bar of your gauge and help you get out of sticky situations. Specifically, when you're stunned or knock-back, you can use Breaker to immediately get you back to the normal state and start to blow your combos on your opponent.

The second ability that you can do with Hype is Hype Cancels. It helps you cancel your current combo to perform other movements. It seems useless for the first time you see it, but things change 180 degrees when you start to master the combat. Canceling your attacks will give you chances to simultaneously connecting it with further combos, which doesn't allow your opponents to respond.

Mighty Fight Federation 3d Arena Fighters Coming O
Use on Hype bar to perform Breaker or Hype Cancel

Last but not least, the ability that consumes both of your Hype bars - Hype Factor. To help you imagine this easily, this ability will throw you in the Super Saiyan mode. Temporarily, you will not gain any Hype during this state, but it gives you the major enhancement to your ability. Your speed is faster, your attacks are stronger, and the most important one - you'll start to regain your missing health.

Mighty Fight Federation 3d Arena Fighters Coming O
Go Super Saiyan and destroy your opponents

All three abilities are the keys to turn the table, so you'll need to master how and when to use it!

Play Modes

Mighty Fight Federation gives you several play modes to enjoy both solo and multiplayer. The Story Mode gives you an insight on the what Hyperion’s really planning on, and the Arcade Mode provides you with the twists on "what-if".

Apart from that, the Multiplayer Mayhem is where you compete with other friends both online and local. And the last one - Training Mode - is where you learn and masters all 11 characters.

Mighty Fight Federation 3d Arena Fighters Coming O
The game features up-to-four-player matches!

To cut the long story short, Mighty Fight Federation is basically WWE but with superpower and multiverse concept! The game will come out for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC through Steam at some time in Q2 2020.

However, if you can't wait to get on the hype battles, you can join in the game's Steam Early Access that starts very soon in Q4 2019.