Magic has always been a common topic of discussion in the Minecraft community. A lot of players want Mojang to add more magical elements into the game. Some creators are even developing mods and add-ons to do that themselves. With the release of the Spellcraft DLC, Minecraft players have to wait no longer - it adds a huge number of magical features to Minecraft for free!

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the Minecraft Spellcraft DLC.

Minecraft Spellcraft
The DLC has really high production value, with a lot of content and effects.

How to get Minecraft Spellcraft DLC?

This is a free official DLC that players can download on the Minecraft Marketplace of Bedrock Edition platforms. Here is the store page of the DLC.  It is not yet available on the Java version, however, it is likely to come out somewhere in the future.

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It is available on the Minecraft store for Free.

While Spellcraft might not be as good as the already existing magic mods in the game, it is still worth trying out as there is absolutely no cost involved. Minecraft’s magical systems usually go no further than enchantments, because of that, the idea of actually having an actual spell system to tinker with is very exciting.

About the magic in Spellcraft DLC

With this DLC installed, players have the freedom to create thousands of spell combinations, featuring different elements and effects. They can even level up their abilities over time to get more powerful, which allows them to unlock even more spells.

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Battling dangerous enemies in various otherworldly realms.

The core gameplay of Minecraft (building) is left untouched, of course. To create spell combinations, players need to acquire runes, which require them to actually mine to continue expanding their arcane repertoire.

While creating spells is definitely a big part of this DLC, it is not the only feature Spellcraft has. Players need some target to test their spells outside of the game's weak mobs, after all. This is where magical rifts come into play, allowing players to teleport to different realms to fight the creatures that live there. Battle toxic ghouls, giant frost spiders, spellcasting Arcanists, and much more.

New scripting API

Spellcraft is going to be the premiere of a brand-new scripting API for Minecraft’s Bedrock edition. This adds a number of additional features to the game that can only be found in mods. Players can now get health bars for enemies, both normal and within rifts. Furthermore, there are also on-screen timers for the UI so that you can track bonus chests that drop within rifts.

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Try out a lot of magical spells in Spellcraft DLC.

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