Minecraft’s continual success over 15 years owes much to regular content updates, keeping the experience fresh for dedicated fans. Mojang's dedication to this tradition continues with the forthcoming 1.21 update, Tricky Trials. Since its announcement in April, fans have been enticed with previews of new features, including locations, enemies, and weapons, promising exciting adventures ahead.

Minecraft has released its second pre-release patch for the upcoming update 1.21. This pre-release primarily includes minor adjustments such as rendering End Crystals immune to fire damage and tweaking the rarity of specific items. However, the main focus of this second pre-release is bug fixes, all identified and reported by players during the pre-release testing phase. These bug fixes aim to ensure a smoother launch for Tricky Trials when the update officially arrives for Minecraft on June 13th.

Minecraft Tricky Trials
Mojang's dedication to this tradition continues with the forthcoming 1.21 update, Tricky Trials.

The Tricky Trials update is shaping up to be a notable milestone for Minecraft, with many enthusiasts already immersing themselves in the pre-release and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. One of the key highlights of this update is the introduction of Trial Chambers and Vaults, providing seasoned players with fresh locations to explore and offering rewards for conquering their challenges. Among these rewards, the standout feature that has sparked widespread discussion among fans is the formidable mace—a weapon that promises to revolutionize combat dynamics in Minecraft. The mace marks the first proper addition to the game's arsenal since the Trident in 2018, bringing with it a host of unique and devastating mechanics that have the potential to transform the combat experience within Minecraft entirely.

Minecraft Tricky Trials Update

Minecraft Tricky Trials Update 2

Minecraft Tricky Trials Update 3
The Tricky Trials update is shaping up to be a notable milestone for Minecraft.

In addition to empowering players, the Tricky Trials update introduces two formidable new mobs that promise to challenge adventurers traversing Minecraft's wilderness. The Breeze and the Bogged join the game's impressive lineup of hostile mobs, adding depth to encounters in the upcoming trial chambers. While both creatures will primarily inhabit these chambers, the Bogged may also appear in Swamp biomes. Breezes pose a threat with aerial ranged attacks, capable of easily unsettling players. At the same time, the Bogged can inflict poison with their arrows, compelling gamers to strategize carefully when tackling these chambers to emerge victorious.

Let’s take a look at Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 2 patch notes!

Important Changes

The recent updates to Minecraft include several notable changes:

  • End Crystals have been rendered immune to fire damage.
  • A new attestation checkbox has been added when submitting player reports.
  • The Heavy Core, Trident, and Mace items have been upgraded to Epic rarity, reflected by their hover text now appearing in purple.

Data Pack Version 47

  • The introduction of a placement modifier called fixed_placement, allowing for the placement of features in predefined positions.
  • The addition of a new feature type end_platform, specifically designed for the obsidian platform found in the End dimension.

Bug Fixes

  • The Snout Banner Pattern is now categorized as common.
  • Certain banner patterns like "Field Masoned", "Skull Charge", "Flow", and "Guster" are not mirrored on the backside.
  • The Flow and Guster banner patterns are now considered common loot.
  • The Infested or Oozing effect cloud shrinks when a silverfish or slime enters it.
  • The advancement 'Local Brewery' is not granted when shift-clicking.
  • Copper doors can now be used as furnace fuel.
  • FOV doesn't revert to normal after jumping off from soul sand/soul soil while wearing soul speed boots.
  • FOV doesn't immediately change when jumping onto soul sand/soul soil while having the slow falling effect and wearing soul speed boots.
  • Errors related to the 'in_bounding_box' vertical position for 'spawn_particles' effect and traveling through nether portal outside world border.
  • The gamerule spawnRadius doesn't work on respawn.
  • The sound block.portal.travel no longer plays when entering the End portal.
  • End crystals now receive fire damage causing them to explode instantly.
  • Naturally generated End Stone drops in cases where the Obsidian platform generates inside the island.
  • Ender pearls don't work correctly when riding entities, and players cannot traverse dimensions when throwing ender pearls into portals while riding entities.
  • The ender dragon death animation is rendered behind blocks when using "Fabulous!" graphic settings.
  • Server crashes upon updating from 24w21b to 1.21 Pre-release 1.
  • A new portal is created each time you pass through an end gateway with an ender pearl from the main island.
  • Crash occurs when a bow or crossbow enchanted with multishot runs out of durability.
  • Wind Charges can trigger Wind Burst.
  • Breaking a Carrot/Warped Fungus on a Stick no longer gives a Fishing Rod.
  • Throwing an ender pearl into the end fountain skips the credits.
  • Game crashes when saving after teleporting a leashed entity to another dimension.
  • Leads attached to a boat are deleted when breaking the boat.
  • trial_spawner_bottom texture differs from Bedrock.
  • Players can respawn mid-air with default spawnpoint.

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