As we don't have many great video games with Chinese mythology out there (rather than the Dynasty Warriors series or the Three Kingdoms series), it is wonderful to see Monkey King: Hero Is Back to come out for the public!

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is a vibrant 3D platformer with a lot of kung-fu fighting and touching story of Journey to the West. It is now available for both PC and PS4 players, and you can see the trailer below to see how beautiful it is:

The story of Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Monkey King: Hero Is Back tells the sub-plots and the story that you've never seen in the 2015's CG animated hit with the same name. Hence, if you've watched it, you won't be disappointed with seeing the box office record movie again.

In this game, you'll play as Sun Wukong - also known as 'Dasheng' or the Great Sage himself. After the mess that he made in heaven, Wukong was imprisoned under the mountain for 500 years. Incidentally, a young boy living nearby has come across him and set him free.

Monkey King Hero Is Back Launched For Pc And Ps4 3
A young boy named Liuer has come across Wukong and rescue him

Now, the two will embark on a new adventure, saving the town from the evil lurking in the town. Specifically, there is a powerful being that has stolen many children and attacking the villager there, and only Wukong can stand up to it. However, he needs time to recover his true power from a long imprisonment time, and he needs the help of Liuer to get rid of this evil!

Monkey King Hero Is Back Launched For Pc And Ps4 4
The evil is capturing the children in the town and attack the villagers

With a brand new story that did not appear in the original movie, this game will be the juicy candy for fans of Chinese mythology in the West after a long hungry time!

Gameplay features

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is keeping a simple approach to a third-person platformer game. To be more specific, while its visuals are very beautiful and match the modern standards, its gameplay controls are like the old-but-gold PS2 time.

Monkey King Hero Is Back Launched For Pc And Ps4 7
Its graphics might look modern, but its gameplay is as simple as the PS2 era

You will mainly use two kinds of attack - a normal one and a heavy one, to get over the levels. Furthermore, there will be random weapons dropping on the ground, which you can pick up and use for a limited amount of time. It's just like the classic brawler, in which you will get into the battle with the monsters on the way most of the time, but it's not a bad thing either.

While it's combat is somewhat straightforward to the point that some might say it's boring, Monkey King: Hero Is Back still bring certain satisfaction. You can relieve your stress on the monster by mashing square and triangle buttons without worrying about stamina or anything else. With over 10 levels portrayed with a beautiful environment and a lot of secrets, your kungfu fun in this game is quite endless.

Monkey King Hero Is Back Launched For Pc And Ps4 5
Just don't hurt your hand in the process!

Speaking about Kungfu, the game will give you the chance to feel like Bruce Lee with blowing endless combos and end your enemies with hilarious finishers. Additionally, you can enhance your moves by unlocking more skills and abilities through fighting, along with a magical staff that can help you blown your enemies away with superior moves. Together with the cinematic scenes, you'll feel like you're the real Wukong walking on your own adventure.

Monkey King Hero Is Back Launched For Pc And Ps4 6
Using Kungfu moves to get through the monsters in the land

Last but not least, the game also mixed some puzzle-solving elements in its goods as well. In general, there are many kinds of puzzles that require you to interact with the environment to get through. Some of which will need you switching control from the Wukong and Liuer to do certain tasks, which adds a whole new level of adventure to the game.

Monkey King Hero Is Back Launched For Pc And Ps4 1
It's not always about fighting, but also you'll have to solve puzzles sometimes

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is now available for PC and PS4. For PC players, you can grab the game through Steam at the price of $34.99. The cinematic scenes in the game are voice dubbed in all major languages, which you don't have to worry about having to see everything in Chinese.

Are you excited to control Wukong on his journey?