Minecraft mods have custom code that offers new features in the game. A lot of mod packs and mods even change the whole feel of the game. Meanwhile, others can add life quality or convenient features for players to experience.

If you are looking to enhance the gameplay of your game, here are the five most useful mods in Minecraft 1.19 you may want to try.

Sophisticated Backpacks

Sophisticated Backpacks
What does Sophisticated Backpack do to your game?

Inventory appears to be some of the biggest issues in present-day Minecraft. Its current size has not changed yet the number of new blocks and items is increasing greatly update per update.

The bundle of Mojang has also continued to delay. That’s why using the Sophisticated Backpack mod will give you more inventory space. It also has many tiers ranging from leather to gold, diamond, and Netherite.

You can consider it the best inventory mod for Minecraft 2022.

Structures’ Compass

Structures Compass
Find specialties easily with Structures Compass.

Minecraft players can find various structures in the in-game wilderness. You can stumble upon villages, woodland mansions, bastion remnants, strongholds, desert temples, Nether fortresses, and end cities.

These are the most fruitful structures in the gamers’ eyes as they include food, loot, and powerful enchanted books.

The Structure Compass will also be among the most useful mods in Minecraft as it allows you to create a compass whose interface lets you choose any structure. Then, the compass will search for the nearest of the selected structure and point you towards it.


Journeymap Mod most useful mods in minecraft
Journey map is one of the most useful mods in Minecraft.

Minecraft is an expansive world and players must travel blocks to reach the desired structures or biomes.

The JourneyMap mod will play the role of a minimap at the screen’s top-right corner. It provides you with a constant sense of what’s around you biome-wise.

Plus, a full-sized map is also available, letting you get an even better sense of your world. It also shows entities’ locations in real-time. You may even use it to craft waypoints to teleport between places effectively.

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Nature’s Compass

Natures Compass

Almost all Minecraft biomes have different specialty items or blocks. For instance, natural terracotta is up for grabs in badland biomes and coral only exists in warm ocean biomes.

With the Nature’s Compass mod, you can craft a compass like the Structures’ Compass mod. It will then look for the closest biome of that type and guide you the way there.

Just Enough Items

One of the most useful mods in Minecraft is Just Enough Items. With this mod, you can find and get blocks with a search bar and inventory window that are added to the crafting interface.

You can navigate through this menu or make use of the bar to search for any items in the mod or the base game.

Once you find a block or item, you can click on it to see the available crafting recipes. When you click on it, you will see not just the crafting recipes but also how to get the block and item, consisting ways that are only available in individual mods.

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