From The Irregular Corporation and Mediatonic, we have the recently announced detective title of Murder by Numbers.

Back in 1996 in L.A, Honor Mizrahi starred as an actress on a detective TC show. However, she got fired, but her boss dead just right after firing her. Therefore, she founds herself in a murder mystery. Then she forms a team with SCOUT, it is a thrown away reconnaissance robot, she sets out to clean her name - therefore, a new duo of detectives is born.

Here we have a new trailer for the title:

Murder By Numbers

Investigate many unearth clues and cases by utilizing the sensors of SCOUT. Solving puzzles to get clues and piece the proofs together to crack the hidden nonograms. Utilize found evidence and interrogate unusual and weird characters across drag clubs, award shows, and TV studios. The more you investigate, the more you will get to know about all the hidden deception, conspiracy, and MURDER.

Murder By Numbers Got An Official Announcement Wit
Solving puzzles is a big part of this title.

Murder By Numbers has upbeat jams, 90s fashions, drag queens, questionable jokes, 100th level sass, and much more await.

It has a wonderful cast of creators

Murder By Numbers Got An Official Announcement Wit
Honor Mizrahi joins up with SCOUT to make a detective duo.

This game has a fantastic cast of creators; Ed Fear works as game director; and the designer Hato Moa; plus legendary music from Masakazu Sugimori. Possibly, this title will be the go-to Hollywood 90s-themed detective title of yours.

On Oct 19th, the title's development team will also host a panel at this year's EGX at 15:30. If you want to learn more about this excellent title, you could head there.

Murder By Numbers Got An Official Announcement Wit
It is a visual novel title with lots of things for us to wait for.

The title is heading to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch next year.