There have been a lot of announcements during Microsoft’s X019 live stream, and the first gameplay trailer for inXile’s upcoming sequel to Wasteland 2 is definitely one of the most well-received. In the video, a team of Desert Rangers is embarking on a quest to search for a missing person in the snowy landscapes of Colorado. The game is going to be released on May 19, if there aren't any changes.

The new region in Wasteland 3 is literally the opposite from that of the previous game – however, its core gameplay remains more or less the same. In Wasteland 3, a party of six characters has to accomplish its mission using any means necessary, in a world shattered by nuclear war. Wasteland was one of the oldest RPG titles with a nuclear apocalypse setting, with the original game released in 1988 for the Apple II computer.

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The original game, Wasteland 1, was made over thirty years ago

Wasteland 3 will be made similar to the style of its prequel, with a turn-based tactical system. The story of the game would also be separated from the previous two – you do not have to play the previous games to understand this one. The second game is similar to the first two isometric Fallout games, but you have 4 characters to control instead of 1.

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inXile's sequel, Wasteland 2, was a sleeper hit - the game has gathered quite a sizable fanbase

It is kinda a surprise that Microsoft has picked this game to end its big X019 show, and its recent acquirement of inXile is probably one of the factors. Turn-based strategy games are suitable for consoles and with backings from Microsoft, the game might actually turn out to be even better than its prequels. Wasteland 3 is currently available for preorder on Steam.

This is quite an improvement comparing to the original 1988 graphics

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