PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular battle royale games in not only India but all over the world. The mobile version, known as PUBG Mobile is achieving great success with over 400 million users in the world. PUBG Mobile also made an impressive penetration into the Indian market with 50 million players. However, after many heartbreaking incidents and gruesome crimes, this game has been a controversial topic in India recently. Many people, including Dr. Ramadoss, the Founder of the PMK party are asking the Indian government for a ban on PUBG.

Pubg Is A Popular Game In India
PUBG Is A Popular Game In India

PMK Founder Demands A Ban On PUBG

Recently, PMK founder Dr. Ramadoss called for a ban on PUBG. He warned about the increasingly obvious symptoms of PUBG. The PMK founder listed many impacts of PUBG on players, especially on students' academic performance. He added that PUBG was conveying obvious psychological impacts on players and required a ban on this game.

Dr. Ramadoss asked the state government to forbid PUBG as this game is increasingly popular in both urban and rural areas. He accused the game of normalizing violence and murder in people’s minds. However, the founder also mentioned that PUBG is not the only shooting game. Banning PUBG makes no sense because people will find other alternatives to play.

Pubg Addiction Rises In India
PUBG Addiction Rises In India

In a related event, an 11-year-old student from Maharashtra wrote a four-page letter to ask the state government to ban PUBG. In the letter, he explained that PUBG promoted violence, murder, game addiction, and other social evils. Many parents also complained about the negative effects of these shooting games on their children.

PUBG Addicts and Social Issues

In this year, there are many reported incidents and crimes committed by PUBG addicts. A 21-year-old man from Belagavi murdered his father for stopping him from playing PUBG. A boy stabbed his elder brother to death when being scolded for playing PUBG. Moreover, many PUBG addicts even commit suicide or have health problems while playing this game. These cases raise an alarm to the authority about PUBG addition.

Pubg Addiction
Indian Youngsters Are Addicted To PUBG

However, it’s pretty challenging to impose a ban on a game. The Bombay High Court asked the central government to figure out whether banning the game is practicable. It makes this work even more difficult. While imposing a ban on PUBG is likely impossible, the government has to take steps to solve game addition. For example, a lockout can be useful in limiting the playtime of users.