Wheeling out the tanks once again with Panzer Corps 2 – with the world descends into war and chaos. This game is a follow up to the remake of Panzer General in 2011, made by Flashback and Slitherine

Along with the March 19 release date announcement, a new cinematic trailer for the game is released. While the trailer is not exactly a faithful representative of the core gameplay, it definitely is shown that Panzer Corps 2 looks way better than its predecessors. The impressive graphics were made under Unreal Engine 4, which is a big improvement over the original.

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Sieging a city with your army

About gameplay changes, the biggest improvement that this title has is probably the Undo button. You can take back just about any moves that you have made at any time. This opens up various strategical decisions: you would be able to freely experiment with everything the game has to offer without having to waste time starting a new match over and over. The game respects players’ time.

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Campaign on the eastern front

Customization-wise, Panzer Corps 2 is excellent. You will get to build your army from the ground up, from the leader and their specialties to infantries, tanks, planes, artillery and more. The added tactical element is that your army is limited by size – you have to balance out between strong and week units instead of just spamming the best ones.

The Africa campaigns are also going to be included as well

About the campaign and general gameplay mechanics, the game stays true to the spirit of previous entries. From the encircled mechanic to airfield capture, everything remains mostly unchanged – fans of the previous games would be able to jump into this right away. The single-player campaign is remarkably well designed, as it is first and foremost faithful to historical records.

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