PUBG is a survival game in which you have to defeat enemies and try to survive with your squad. However, in order to make the game more exciting, the developers add more challenges to the battle pass. One of these features is finding destroying the CCTV cameras scattered on the first map in this game. Let’s check out some places where you can find CCTV cameras in the PUBG game.

Places To Find CCTV In Erangel

These are some places to find and destroy CCTV cameras in PUBG’s Erangel map. The first place is Georgopol, both north, and south residents. This is a big residential area, so you can find some CCTV cameras there. 

Pubg Cctv Camera Locations
PUBG CCTV Camera Locations

Next, you also find some cameras in Mylta Power, Rozhok, Yasnaya Polyana, Kameshki which are medium and low at risk. These spots are a safer and better choice for you if you don’t want to engage early. But these outer cities are far from the flight line.

Or else, other high-risk places to find cameras are Pochinki and Sosonovka Military base. Therefore, you should consider and get ready for combat before heading to these places. 

How To Destroy CCTV Cameras In PUBG?

You can find these cameras in those spots on the map. Many cameras are located on the walls, in some corners of buildings, or placed on the telephone poles. They’re not difficult to notice but pretty hard to destroy as these cameras are durable. You have to use some powerful weapons to make some kicks to them, Or else, you will have to load it with some clips of ammo.

Cctv Camera In Pubg
Destroy CCTV Cameras In PUBG

According to the battle pass mission, you have to take out at least three cameras. It would be better if you can find three cameras located nearby each other. So, you don’t need to move and face too many enemies. Some cameras are placed in the same area.