Population Zero is a title that combines both survival and MMO elements. Set on an alien planet of Kepler, Population Zero stays far beyond the current knowledge of the entire mankind. With hundreds of players on a single server, great character progression, alongside in-depth narrative as well as a beautiful and changing world, Population Zero is setting new standards for what should be a survival multiplayer title.

Population Zero
Population Zero, a survival MMO title by Enplex Games.

Game overview

The world of Kepler contains many secrets and resources, but isn’t that friendly to those who want to explore. There will be skillful and clever enemies waiting ahead, which are a part of Kepler’s ecosystem. Here on Kepler, you’ll need to research technologies to improve yourself and your factions. There will be mysteries and secrets lie ahead of you and you’ll uncover them bit by bit as you play.

Population Zero
The world of Kepler contains many mysteries and secrets to be unveiled.

You can also enjoy Population Zero with your friends, exploring and conquering a brand-new world far far away.

Population Zero
In this far away world, it's important that you have your friends around and explore the planet together.

Take a look at the announcement trailer as below:

For your information, Enplex Games announced the exact date for the upcoming closed-beta phase. Players should get the opportunity to test this epic multiplayer sci-fi title starting from September 19th.

Key Features:

Population Zero features an action-based PVP as well as PVE full of new discovery and exploration. In addition, the game owns a deep character-building system that provides you with tons of player choices with in-depth crafting, building systems, and tech trees.

Population Zero
Population Zero comes to closed-beta on September 19th.

Not stopping there, there’s a special in-game perk system that allows players to create characters and skills of their choice. Last but not least, once Population Zero goes open beta next year, it will be a free-to-play title for everyone to enjoy.