Steam is a place that designed to make sure that we can only see the good side of it. It's designed to recommend us all the good titles, games that it thinks you will like. However, have you ever thought of breaking free from all those Steam recommendation? And today, we will ignore all the recommendation from the digital store, and embarks on a quest to find the Worst MMO on Steam.

After diving into the stack of bad MMO titles on Steam, based on availability and the negative reviews, we've found our target: a MMO named Otherland - with a score of 559 Mostly Negative reviews.

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At launch, Otherland was expected to be a good cyberpunk MMORPG, however, it soon let players feel disappointed.

The first impression of this game is that the number of players is really low - there is no wait time, no queue, and no players around - at least in the beginner zone. While the game's premise is fairly compelling: about a cyberpunk dystopia with VR became a part of society, the game's downfall comes from its presentation. The UI of the game is a mess, the controls really unrespoinsive, and the quests are not making sense.

First of all, while this is a third person game, you still have to manually lock-on enemies to use skill on them. This is a feature that recently got popular with non-target MMOs like TERA or Blade and Soul, but the design of Otherland makes fighting become a fruistrating chore, than being a challenging game. To make a comparison, the game's targeting system is more like 'catching a fly with a pair of chopsticks' - which is really pointless.

To make things worse, the game does not make clear of the objectives, which give a big confusion of where the player is, and what they should do in the game. Both the NPCs and the Monsters are really similar to each other, which can catch many players off-guard. However, in a better news, all those mobs are literally trash at the earlier area, as I got surrounded by the mobs at some points, and they actually do no damage to me.

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By first glance, the game is not that bad. But then all the bugs and glitches rendered the game almost unplayable.

At the end of the tutorial zone is a boss fight, and after that is a portal to a new area. Which, doesn't work for me, as the game refuse to load further.

And then, Otherland MMO gets even worse.

After a while, the game decided to load, to release me out of the misery. Which - put me in another cage, forcing me to escape and gets my equipments back. While I have no problem getting all my other items back, the weapons is where I got stuck - as I cannot click on the crate contains my weapon due to it already in my hand. This sure is a game-breaking glitch, and thanks to this glitch, I can't progress further.

That's it. I give up on this. What a MMO.

After all this, I learned a valuable thing - that a game without proper care from the developers cannot stay alive - even when they have enough money to keep the server up and running for a long time. As the land of Otherland are void of players, this is a true dead game - even when you can still logged in to the game's servers and all.

As for me, maybe it's time for me to stand up and do something else, to forget about all those bad experiences that Otherland bring forth.