PUBG Lite is a toned-down version of PUBG PC. It doesn't look as good as PUBG PC and is still lacking some features and updates. However, the can be played on any computer and has lots of things that PUBG PC doesn't have, notably the Arcade mode. The first mode that was featured in Arcade of PUBG Lite was Team Deathmatch mode 4vs4.

Now, with the latest update yesterday, PUBG Lite just got a new Free For All mode. This mode will be played on a new map called Periverka, which is basically the School in Erangel.

Let check out the basic rules of this mode and how can you play it below.

The basic rule of Free For All mode

Enter Periverka 1 1195_wm
Arcade Match => Gear icon => Free For All

You can access Free For All mode through the Arcade Match tab in the lobby. After that, click on the gear icon and choose Periverka -Free For All and find a match.

Unlike Team Death Match mode, you are on your own in here and so do 7 other players. The time limit is 10 minutes. Any player who gets 20 kills first will become the winner. All players will be playing under the first-person perspective.

Game start

Periverka Map Detail Resize B822_wm
The map and area of Free For All mode

At first, all players will start at the Starting Sector. Everyone has 90 seconds to pick up all weapons and attachments they need on the racks nearby.

After 90 seconds is over, all players will be moved into the War Zone at rando position inside the building or on the roof and the match begins. The War Zone is surrounded by walls and fences so you cannot get out or go back to the Starting Sector.

All players are equipped with an Lv1 Backpack, an Lv1 Helmet, and an Lv1 Vest.

Health Recovery

After 7 seconds of not getting hit, your health will recover 10% per second until 75%. You can find Energy Drinks, Pain Killers, and  Adrenaline Syringes around the building to boost yourself to 100%.


After you die, you will be respawned after 5 seconds with the same equipment at the moment you die. You will also have 2 seconds of invincibility after you just respawned.


Erangel 2 0 New Mode Free For All Pubg Lite New Up 1dce_wm
You will find different items on the floor

Although you can't get back to the Starting Sector when the game starts, you can change your weapons at 2 posts at either side of the building. However, there is no ammo at these 2 posts.

High-level Helmet, Vest, booster, grenades, and ammo will be spawned randomly inside the building.

There is a Supply Tower at the roof of the building. After the first 2 minutes of the game, an AUG will be spawn. After the first 3 minutes, a Groza will be spawned. 30 seconds before the AUG/Groza appears, there will be a system message at the top left of the screen to notice players. The system message will go away when a player obtains the AUG/Groza. If you really want to play with the Groza or AUG, I think you should just go for it. If you die after you obtain them, you will still get to keep them.

Periverka Event

Image2019 11 15 16 2 26 A138_wm
Play Free For All mode and get a bunch of Chicken Medal

To celebrate the new map and game mode, PUBG Lite brings all players a Periverka Event to get free rewards and items. All you have to do is log in the game and play 10 games of Free For All mode and you will receive 15 Chicken Medal.

Periverka is also added to Challenge Mission in Lite Pass. That means you can get a bunch of Chicken Medal by just having fun trying out this new mode.

The event lasts from November 21 to November 25.

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