PUBG Lite is a highly optimized version of PUBG so that players with low spec PCs could enjoy some of the best Battle Royale action. This free-to-play game will be launched in over 50 countries across Europe and the Middle East on October 10.

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PUBG Lite is pretty much PUBG with less graphical clutter

The game has been in open beta since January 2019, with the beta server in India going live on July 4. This new wave of 52 countries is part of Tencent’s effort to get the game to as many territories as possible.

In addition to PUBG’s usual 100-players Battle Royale, PUBG Lite also comes with a new 4v4 mode, in which two teams would fight in a brawl to reach the 40 eliminations needed to win the match.

The game also has every usual feature that the normal PUBG would have, such as the free and premium season passes. Exclusive items in-game are available for purchase by using L-Coins.

Screenshot 157
The differences in texture details

Screenshot 158
The differences are unnoticeable sometimes

To download PUBG Lite, players need to get to the official website of the game and tap the download button in the middle of the home page. According to the site, you would need at least an Intel Core i3 processor clocked at 2.4GHz paired with Intel HD Graphics 4000 to play this game. Furthermore, 4GB of RAM and free disk storage are needed on a Windows 7 operating system.

Screenshot 159
The exact PUBG gameplay, but for every system

PUBG Lite beta has been available for India players for almost three months now. With this influx of new players, more attention would be given to the game – we might even get new tournaments in the future.

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