PUBG Labs has introduced a new arena mode with pretty different gameplay. It's supposed to bring players more exciting matches and battling experiences. Check it out here with

PUBG Labs - New Arena Mode With Different Tactics

The latest update of PUBG season 8 brought many new features and changes to this game. In addition, PUBG players also get a new arena mode to experience. In this new survivor mode, you will fight in a team of four players. There are 64 players in 16 teams dropping on a small zoned-off area on one of three maps, including Sanhok, Miramar, or Erangel.

Pubg Introduced New Arena Mode
PUBG Introduced New Arena Mode

The map is chosen randomly by the system. Only one squad can be the winner after each match. Unlike the normal games, you cannot loot the weapon on the arena. Instead, players need to kill enemies and win match rounds to earn money and buy weapons. Therefore, try to take down enemies and win as many rounds as possible to purchase better weapons.

Win The Round And Kill Enemies To Earn Money
Win The Round And Kill Enemies To Earn Money And Purchase Weapons

There are five rounds in a match. If you lose three rounds, your team will be eliminated from the final game for the championship. Besides, the reviving time is shortened because teamwork in this new game mode is very important. So, try to save your teammate when he is taken down. After the update, it only takes you 5 seconds to revive your teammate in this new Arena Mode.

Less Time To Revive
It Takes You Less Time To Revive Teammates

There will be some areas scattered throughout the map. You have 30 seconds to loot essential supplies after eliminating a squad before entering a new area. You can also check out the situation in other zones once you win or lose in your arena.

Observe Other Teams After You Win Or Lose The Roun
Observe Other Teams After You Win Or Lose The Roun

Only three teams or fewer teams left after 5 rounds can enter the last area to fight for the ultimate win. Only one team standing on the map get the Chicken Dinner.

No More Than 3 Team Left
No More Than 3 Team Left Will Join The Last Battle