Crossbow-only win in a battle royale game where sharpshooters are everywhere like PUBG is an amazing thing. And a PUBG streamer made his 17th win with such a rudimentary weapon like the crossbow. Check out his amazing performance here.

The PUBG streamer ‘The Beer Fridge’ uploaded a video of his 17th crossbow-only triumph on Reddit. It received lots of praise from audiences. Some viewers commented that that was such a wonderful game that they could watch it all day.

Pubg Player Got Crossbow Only Win
PUBG-Player Got Crossbow-Only Win

Great Crossbow-only Chicken Dinners

It’s noticeable that crossbow is pretty difficult to use as you have to adjust the height of the aim for an accurate shot. But it causes no sound like other guns, so you can assassinate the enemies without unveiling your position. And The Beer Fridge took that advantage of the weapon, sneaked and landed accurate arrows on his enemies.

The streamer uploaded many clips featuring his amazing crossbow performance. In the latest video, the PUBG player showed three crossbow kills leading to the chicken dinner. The streamer sneaked during most of the game, camp enemies from secret positions, and made surprise kills with crossbow only.

Crossbow Chicken Dinner Of The Beer Bridge
Crossbow Chicken Dinner Of The Beer Bridge

The first prey was a man crouching behind a nearby tree without spotting ‘The Beer Fridge’. Then, the second kill is an impressive shot from a long distance on a strafing target. But this second prey spotted and was aiming at ‘The Beer Fridge’. And, the third and game-winning arrow was landed down from the top of a rocky mountain. While the prey was hovering in a truck unsuspectingly, the streamer killed him with his third accurate arrow.

All the long and short-range arrows are accurate, helping him pick up the 17th crossbow-only chicken dinner. You can check out his amazing performance here.