In PUBG Squad mode, each team has four members. Your team will fight against other teams of four members to become the ultimate winner. No matter how excellent and skilled you are, you cannot get very far if you do not have a good squad role division. And a more organized team will clear your team. And only with good teamwork and proper squad organization can you get more Chicken Dinners in PUBG.

Here are some strategic tips by on how to divide PUBG squad roles to win in the final circle. These tips come from Andrew Harwin, an expert in this game and coach of the Aerowolf PUBG team. Are you ready for a Chicken Dinner?

PUBG Mobile Squad Roles
PUBG Mobile Squad Roles

PUBG Squad Roles: Scout 

One of the most important PUBG Mobile squad roles is the scout. The scouts are responsible for spotting enemies and cautioning teammates about the enemies’ movement. They also check whether the moving path of the team is safe or not.

The scouts must have a strong sense of detecting enemies and good at communication. The players with this role mustn’t be good at shooting, but they must be nimble. Also, these players ought to have good knowledge of the battlefield. Also, the scouts are the first ones to break in when the teams siege buildings. Sometimes they also play as a bait to lure the enemies to unveil their position.

PUBG Squad Roles
The Scout in PUBG Squad

PUBG Squad Roles: Leader

The squad leader is one of the most important PUBG Mobile squad roles who plays as the ‘brain’ of the team. Players with the leading role will read the map, notice the circle, and draw the plan for the team. They also determine every moving paths of the team when traversing territories and going in the circle. The leaders are also responsible for preparing plans B, C, or D if plan A does not work.

These players should be mentally nimble and good at decision making. They have to respond quickly to sudden combats and shoots nearby the squad’s route. Therefore, squad leaders must be the most experienced, game-knowledgeable and clever.

PUBG Squad Roles
Squad Leader With An AR

PUBG Squad Roles: Carry

Another important PUBG squad role is a carry. Carry men in squads must have the best micro skill and be good at aiming. Players with this role are the best shooters in the teams so that they can kill enemies quickly. They don’t have to think about the strategy or plan like the leader. But they still need a strong instinct to detect enemies and excellent spatial skills. As carry men are the sharpest shooters in teams, they also keep the most decent weapons and supplies. And they are always the most skilled in combats.

PUBG Squad Roles
Carry Man Is A Sharpshooter

PUBG Squad Roles: Lurker

This role is most suitable for sharp snipers who hide in the back of squad, spy, and flank. The lurkers are responsible for blind spots like high-ground or low-ground places. The players with this role have to be nimble in clutch combats. Like carry men in the squads, these players must be good at aiming and killing enemies quietly and quickly. And snipers with great assassination skills should take this role in the squad. Their best friend in the battle should be a sniper rifle with a silencer.

PUBG Squad Roles
Lurker In Pubg Squad

Support (Optional PUBG Squad Role)

Support is not a compulsory role in the squad, it depends on the strategy and needs of your team in certain games. The support role is suitable for beginners who cover the leader or scout. Players in this role must be good at using grenades, driving, and looting med-kits. Once other members are knocked, the support players will quickly revive them.

PUBG Mobile Squad Roles
Support Role In PUBG Squad

This is not the only way to divide PUBG squad roles efficiently, but it must be one of the best tactics. You needn’t be the most skilled and professional player. You only need a well-organized team and a proper strategy to get Chicken Dinner in this game.

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