Phase 3 of PUBG in 2019 is kicking off all around the world in 9 regions. Profession PUBG players and teams are trying their best in this last phase of the year before the PUBG Global Championship, the biggest and the final event of the World Championship of 2019 Competitive Season. Phase 3 will be the last chance for teams to get a slot in the PUBG Global Championship and claim the title of best professional PUBG squad in the world. Here are the top 5 plays in Phase 3 from across 9 regions.

5. Team Navi wiped out Team Liquid

Top 5 Phase 3 Around The World 0 11 Screenshot
Team Navi wiped out Team Liquid

At PUBG Europe League, after Team Navi spotted Team Liquid, they quickly blew up Liquid's vehicle, causing Liquid to stuck between them and the Blue Zone. Team Liquid was stuck there and has nowhere to go, allowing Navi to take them out.

4.AHQ_Milk killed 3 members of MP5

Top 5 Phase 3 Around The World 0 51 Screenshot
Milk used the terrain to his advantage

The circle was closing, thus forcing the 2 teams to make a move. However, with only just a tiny glimpse of MP5_Missyou, Milk noticed him and took him down. Missyou's teammates tried to counter-attack but Milk took advantage of the terrain and switching between crouching and standing to easily took down the other two members.

3. Flying car kill

Top 5 Phase 3 Around The World 1 23 Screenshot
There is no way for a car to crash into his place, except for a flying car.

Team Daily Lonely People had only 1 player left and he was hiding behind a rock. No one knew he was there and there is no way for a car to crash into his place, except for a flying car. Unlucky for DLP_KzM, OTV_Chenchen has done an amazing drift off a rock and landed the car at a perfect spot, accidentally killed KzM.

2. DTN eliminated AFA with a Grenade

Top 5 Phase 3 Around The World 1 52 Screenshot
Buildings can be potential death traps

While fighting from the inside of a compound is often an advantage, those buildings can also be potential death traps. Team DTN made the most out of what they had and landed a perfect grenade to take down team AFA

1. The Grenade ambush

Top 5 Phase 3 Around The World 2 16 Screenshot
The perfect grenade killed the team

All three member of AFK Prince was hiding inside a small compound, spending all their attention to the front. They thought they would be safe from grenade from the back with those small windows. But GB_ohjungje has done it perfectly and kill the whole AFK Prince team with a single grenade.