Tamsoft released their sexy title Senran Kagura Peach Ball a couple of weeks ago on Nintendo Switch for the Western markets. However, this game will quickly make its way to the PC platform through Steam. It is maybe just a couple of weeks away.

From the game Steam page, we have some following details:

This incident leads to the wild reactions of her shinobi friends.

It all starts when Haruka the amateur chemist accidentally spills a concoction on the arcade (her workplace). This incident leads to the wild reactions of her shinobi friends. They start to think that they are animals, and you will have to use the magical Peach Ball of Haruka to cure them. And surely! The best method to accomplish that is playing Pinball. In this sexy title, Haruka will help you get her friends on the tables, but you are the one in charge of using the flippers to apply the cure.

Senran Kagura Will Go Full Tilt

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Now this new title will bring Pinball to that collection.

We have seen it all in the Senran Kagura franchise from massage therapy to water gunfights, ninja battles, and cooking contests. Now this new title will bring playing Pinball to that collection. Utilize your flippers to control the mystical Peach Ball around the dynamic tables, with cute shinobi girl sit in the middle. Bounce that Peach Ball off her hands, feet, or knees to change her position and cure her.

Here are some key features of the game:

The pinball becomes alive in this game. Rushing your ball through all the corners and curves of the game's dynamic tables. Use your skills to blast through targets, gather points, and unlock special areas where most players would never think of.

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Fell free to explore the fan-favorite Dressing Room.

The favorite girls are here on the Pinball tables, all in their adorable outfits. Bounce your ball off their different angles.

There are also more to this title than just playing Pinball. Fell free to explore the fan-favorite Dressing Room, Diorama mode, and Intimacy mode in this title. By the way, it also comes with ten new challenges, which are all unlockable.

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There will also be a Story Mode.

And yes!! There will also be a Story Mode.

Senran Kagura Peach Ball is currently available for the Switch. It will reach PC on the 14th of August with the price tag of 39.99 dollars. And there will be a 10% discount for the game in a week following its release.