RED HOT VENGEANCE lets you play as a hitman. Then out of nowhere, you are betrayed by your own organization. It is the time to take matters back into your own hands. Time to kill!

RED HOT VENGEANCE came out on Steam on August 04. It is classified as a twin-stick game. The genre is defined by the control of the game. In a twin-stick control scheme, one stick controls the player character’s movement while the other stick controls the aiming of the weapon.

Red Hot Vengeance 01
One stick controls your movement while the other controls the aim

Like other twin-stick game, RED HOT VENGEANCE game features simple and classic graphics like those 2000s games. The game is a top-down shooter with most characters being stick figures, sketched in the most basic way.

Red Hot Vengeance 02
No women or children, just kill everything moving

However, the main attraction of the game lies with the gameplay. RED HOT VENGEANCE lets you kill people, LOTS of people. Therefore, your main mission is to dye the floor red (with what you may wonder?).

The game features 10 level campaign with varying objectives. It can either be killing people before the time runs out or just escape the room unharmed. 30 challenge levels of various difficulty are available. It also features a New Game Plus mode where you may discover many new things.

Red Hot Vengeance 03
Instead of painting the town red, we are dyeing the floor red

There are many types of weapon in the game. You may find your favorite one depending on your taste. What is the best way to splatter the wall with red stuff? You can even make your own level with Steam Workshop support to challenge your friends. And what is best about this game? RED HOT VENGEANCE is free, completely free so you can enjoy it with your friend.

Red Hot Vengeance 04
Feel free to go on a rampage

Moreover, the game has an achievement system to mark your records. You can complete these achievements to unlock more cool stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab this fun game and start your journey already. The game currently receives overwhelmingly positive reviews with 95% of the people rated it as "good". RED HOT VENGEANCE is available on Steam.