Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is a familiar name among Apex Legends gamers. He is becoming one of the many tremendously popular faces. He usually streams on Twitch platform, gaining a lot of fans from here. The number of followers increases every day. He is born to play Apex Legends as he has natural outstanding skills.

The best weapons in Apex Legends, according to Shroud, are the weightless ones that let you move fast and active while carrying it around the map.

He presented his thoughts and shared his experience playing Apex Legends in a YouTube video called “MY OPINION ON APEX LEGENDS”. The famous Apex player believed that heavy weapons such as Spitfire can be useful only until you are locked in a firefight. Spitfire is a machine gun that uses heavy ammo and does 180 damage every second with 20 damage in maximum for each shot.


Apex Legends Spitfire

Shroud implied: “Spitfire’s good, you just move so slow. But you go up against anyone that’s half decent, that Spitfire is terrible because you literally have to stand still.”

Besides, R-99 submachine gun and Wingman revolver can be the greatest choices in the eye of Shroud. He thinks that “the best weapons are the weapons that are the most mobile.” R-99 submachine gun uses light ammo and does in total 216 damage each second with a maximum of 12 damage every shot.  Wingman revolver is in Desert Eagle style, featuring up to 45 body damage and 90 headshot damage.


Apex Legends Wingman revolver

He also stated: “There are no side strafes, you can’t side strafe with the Spitfire. You’re just a f***ing sitting duck. You just die.

We can trust him as Shroud certainly understand what he is mentioning in his talk. He is now one of the most well-known Apex streamers that win continuously in every single stream he made. As a result, his experience could be more accurate compared to other players.