To celebrate 2019’s Halloween, Epic Games Store has decided to create multiple horror games giveaways, with many spooky games and discounts just waiting to be claimed. This week’s batch of free goodies contains SOMA and Costume Quest.

Costume Quest Still 6
Costume quest was also adapted into an animated series

Costume Quest is an RPG in which you control a party of characters. The game was developed by Double Fine Production then published by THQ. The main protagonists of this game are the two kids that are going trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Disaster strikes, however, as one of them is captured by a monster. In the protagonist’s quest to save his sibling, players would have to travel all over the local neighborhood to gather components for their costume, along with candy and fellow teammates as so that they can face the monster to rescue the captured person. The costumes are the main part of a battle, as the characters would change into whatever monsters of creatures they are wearing the costume of.

Ss 197f236d6ac093ea63de8ac2112a4fd745cc1dca 1920x1
The events of the game happen during a Halloween night

Soma is a first-person survival horror game. The game events take place at a submerged research base with strange machines that are suspiciously similar to normal humans. The player would have to navigate through the base while avoiding the strangle creatures and gather more clues about what happened prior to the events of the game. In the course of the adventure, similar to other titles from Frictional, puzzle-solving, exploration, and stealth are the keys to beat the game. Soma has received great reviews from critics and players alike.

Travel through the abandoned underwater facility

Both games would be available on the Epic Games Store for free until November 7th. The next wave of free games would contain Nuclear Throne and Ruiner.

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