Tomb raiding is always a great interest of gamers, as you might satisfy your curiosity with a lot of intriguing secrets there. However, it's not the main objective for your journey in Some Distant Memories!

In this game, you don't have any other choice than dig down the sunken city to find a survival route. Here's the trailer if you can't imagine how this game will be yet.

The story of Some Distant Memories

Some Distant Memories takes the settings of a post-apocalypse world, where human is struggling to survive. The remainings have to deal with lack of resources while staying away from the threat of the deadly algae bloom.

In the middle of the chaos, you'll step in the shoes of the main protagonist - the Professor. He's on his years-long journey to find a survival route for humankind - the sunken city of Houston. In fact, he has been doing this for a long time, exploring the wastes but in vain. And as the threat is glowing, this might be his final chance.

Some Distant Memories Announced
The Professor is on the mission to find Houston - a sunken city

Accompanying with you on your mission is the trusty AI - ARORA. The AI has been the torch that shed lights for humans' path since the Collapse with its extraordinary Memory Reconstruction power. Furthermore, you'll also receive the protection from the Commander - an explorer that has just received the mission of keeping you safe.

The clues start to come when you accidentally fall into an ancient house. Further exploring the house, you'll find out what happened with the civilization through the memories of the people used to live here. Hence, you'll start to discover many strange artifacts, and even the mystery behind the family whose tomb you've just broken into.

Some Distant Memories Announced 2
Find out what many artifacts in the ruin of the house

"And then find a way out" - that's the last word from the publisher about the story of the game.

Special features

Some Distant Memories is the product from the developer Galvanic Games and the publisher Way Down Deep. According to them, it's a heavy-narrative exploration game featuring a non-violent story.

From the introduction about the story, you can guess some of the main features in the gameplay. To be more specific, you can freely explore the mysterious ancient houses to find clues. Most of the time you'll need the help from ARORA to re-image the memories of the family used to live here. Once you get enough hints, you can move to the next chapter at any time.

Some Distant Memories Announced 4
ARORA can re-image the things happen in the house

Further progressing through the game, you'll unravel a lot of secrets, including the reason behind the Collapse, the glitches on your computer, and even the mystery of the family. Furthermore, you'll experience a lot of feelings, and learn more about your relationship with the AI and the Commander.

Some Distant Memories Announced 6
Find out the secrets behind this family

Some Distant Memories is going to come out for Switch, Mac, and PC through Steam in late 2019. At that time, the game will cost $12.99 / €9.99 / £9.99. Players can try this unique game through their favorable language with English, German, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese options.