Earlier this month, Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games have announced about 'Surviving the Aftermath', the sequel to Surviving Mars. Surviving Mars was a Martian colonization simulator game that was released last year - and if the name of the game sound familiar to you - that is because it was the free game of Epic Games Store last week. And today, the Early Access version of 'Surviving the Aftermath' is available on Epic Games Store.

You can see the trailer of the game in the video below:

'Surviving the Aftermath' Launch Trailer

According to the developers, the sequel of Surviving Mars will not take place on Mars, instead, the game taking place on a 'different version' of our Earth that's heading toward the dystopia. The Earth is on the verge of destruction, and humanity is close to extinction. Being one of the few survivors, you must try to do your best so that you can rebuild the Earth, and try to survive so that you can see the tomorrow coming.

The difficulty of the game is actually toggleable - that means you can raise or lower the difficulty of the game by customizing the scenario of the game: for example, trying to survive in the wilderness is way easier than trying to live through life in the desert full of radioactive. The goal of you when playing this game is to find more survivors, collecting resources so that you can rebuild human society once again.

Surviving The Aftermath 1
Try to survive your way through the dystopia

The developers of Surviving the Aftermath is a new name - Iceflake Studio - however, Paradox Interactive is still in charge of publishing this game to the market. The current Early Access version of the game is available exclusively on Epic Games Store, but the full launch of the game will be on all the other digital storefronts like Steam and GOG. The release date for the full version is expected to be in early 2020.