As a part of the company’s long-standing tradition, Respawn announces Apex Legends Season 5 featuring Loba and the new quest mode via Twitter. Previously, they also dropped a teaser for Leviathan Movement ahead of Season 2: Battle Charge. Then, a seemingly hacked tweet went online transferring secret messages prior to Season 3: Meltdown. And most recently, a constructed media sensation kicked off Season 4: Assimilation. 

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Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor will bring lots of changes

Surprisingly enough, the teaser calls back on Revenant’s debut in Season 4 of Apex Legends. When it wasn’t clear whether Forge or Revenant would join the world of Apex, the game’s Twitter account uploaded leaked emails. They confirmed that the new character in Season 4 would be a nightmarish war machine. This time, ahead of Season 5, they posted once again those exact emails. However, the image of them is pulled back, reviewing the notes sticking on the monitor display.

From what it says on the notes, we can see that someone is aiming for Revenant’s source code - which can directly shut down the machine of ruthless murder once and for all. However, the email on the screen suggests something troublesome in the process of acquiring the code. The fact that it does exist brings a possible means of destroying Revenant permanently. 

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Revenant, the ruthless mechanical assassin

Now, we ask ourselves the question: “Who has the best reason for wanting to see Revenant’s Death?” The answer is probably the young Brazilian girl who he made orphaned in the Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation trailer. Respawn now officially confirms the girl to be Loba. The character has already made her appearance in the game. Players can find her bracelet in the World’s Edge Train Yard vault, which will temporarily transport them to Kings Canyon upon contact. 

Respawn hinted that Apex Legends Season 5 would be a “pleasant surprise” for fans of Titanfall. You can now find in-game Easter Eggs suggesting major structural changes for Season 5’s King Canyon Map.