Apex Legends PC is an FPS battle royale game launched to PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game was developed by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Art on February 4, 2019. Since the official Apex Legends release date, this game has achieved significant success with a large community. It’s thanks to the exciting gameplay and amazing heroes. Let’s explore Apex Legends gameplay as well as the power of Apex Legends characters with Gurugamer.com in this review.

Apex Legends System Requirements

Apex Legends is a battle of heroes in the Titanfall universe with exciting shooting matches. It’s available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This Apex Legends guide will provide you some system requirements to download and play it on PC. Here are the minimum Apex Legend requirements you should know before trying to download and install this game.

Apex Legends Pc Review
Apex Legends PC Review

Minimum Apex Legend PC Download Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
  • RAM: 6GB
  • GPU RAM: 1GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • Free Space: 22GB.

These are some minimum requirements your PC must meet for successful Apex Legends PC download. To enjoy the game at better quality in graphics, movement, and sound, you should have a high-range PC with the recommended requirements below. Besides, you can check out some steps to prevent this game from crashing on PC and consoles here.

Recommended Apex Legend Download Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent
  • Free Space: 22GB.
Join The Battle Of Legends In Apex Game
Join The Battle Of Legends In Apex Game On PC

With these features, your PC is good enough to run Apex Legends PC. After downloading Apex Legends steam and install it on your PC, it’s time you joined the battlefield. The game hasn’t been launched to mobile devices, so there is no exact Apex Legends mobile release date in India. However, the publisher is planning to release the Apex Legend mobile in 2021. Now, just download and enjoy it on your PC/Consoles. Before sinking into the battleground, let’s explore the exciting gameplay of this battle royale game with Gurugamer.com.

Apex Legends Gameplay

Apex Legends battle royale is a free-to-play FPS game set in the Frontier on the Outlands. It’s a sequel of the Titanfall franchise. It’s a hero shooter game in which players control one of eleven Apex Legends characters with unique power, abilities, design, and background. This game has a really interesting Apex Legend gameplay

Apex Legends Is A Fps Game
Apex Legends Is An FPS Game

Comparing Apex Legends vs Fortnite, these two games have different perspectives. You play from the first-person perspective. Like other battle royale games, you land on a remote island without firearms in Apex Legends PS4 and PC. You must run around to seek weapons and supplies to fight against enemies and become the ultimate survivor. The last squad standing on the map will be the winner after clearing other opponents. Besides, you can check out some tips to play when teaming up with strangers here

Apex Legends Characters

There are eleven characters in Apex Legends coming from different backgrounds and having different abilities. In this Apex Legend PC review, the stories and abilities of these heroes are going to be unveiled.

Bloodhound - Technological Tracker

This man is an unknown hero since Apex Legends season 1 till the latest Apex Legends update. He said he was the hunter God had sent to Apex Legends world. This tracker can see the footprints of enemies and find their location. Moreover, Bloodhound can even find the hidden opponents, clues, and traps on the battleground. Technological Tracker also uses his Beast of Hunt skill to move faster and spot the prey. He's also one of the most favorite Apex Legends characters in this game. 

Technological Tracker Bloodhound
Technological Tracker Bloodhound

Caustic – Toxic Trapper

Caustic is an ambitious scientist who has Nox Vision ability which lets him see through the gas attacks he made. In addition, this insane scientist can make the Nox gas trap. When the enemies shoot or trigger the trap, it will detonate. Caustic is the only scientist among eleven Apex Legend characters until the recent Apex Legend new update. He has a great interest in developing new gases. Nox Gas Grenade is the ultimate and most powerful ability of this character. It can release toxic smoke in a large area.

Caustic Toxic Trapper
Caustic Toxic Trapper

Bangalore - Professional Soldier

Bangalore was born into a military family. Her father and brothers serve as soldiers in IMC Armed Forces. As the last child in that family, this girl was an excellent soldier since she was small. Her passive ability is Double Time, which lets her move faster when getting fire from opponents. It’s very useful in such a fast-paced shooting game. Besides, this character has Smoke Launcher and Rolling Thunder abilities. She’s one of two damage Apex Legends characters in this game who can blow up a large group of opponents. You can read further stories and tips to play Bangalore Apex Legends here.

The True Soldier Bangalore
The True Soldier Bangalore

Gibraltar - Shielded Fortress

Gibraltar has a sad story, so he joins Apex Legend battlefield to protect his teammates and bring pain to enemies. His father lost his arm when trying to save Gibraltar and his boyfriend. In the Apex Legends PC game, this character play as a tank with Gun Shield, Dome of Protection, and Defensive Bombardment abilities. He fights in the front and protects his squad. Moreover, he can call for air support to cause vast damage to enemies in combat.

A Stunning Apex Legend Wallpaper Of Gibraltar Char
A Stunning Apex Legend Wallpaper Of Gibraltar Character

Mirage - Holographic Trickster

Mirage, or Elliott Witt, is a 30-year-old man who loves to stand out. As the youngest child of four sons of his family, Mirage always fools around to get attention from others. And this man is only serious about Holo-pilot technology. His abilities are Encore, Psyche Out, and Vanishing Act, which are explained in detail here. With these powers, Mirage would be a strong enemy in the battle. This character can create many decoys to distract enemies in the fights. 

Mirage One Of The Most Interesting Apex Legends Ch
Mirage - One Of The Most Interesting Apex Legends Characters

Crypto - Surveillance Expert

The brilliant hacker Crypto can uncover the location of enemies within 30 meters. In addition, he can use Surveillance Drone to scan the surrounding land to spot enemies. But the cooldown time for this ability is 40 seconds. Drone EMP is the ultimate ability of Crypto, letting him detonate the drone. It allows him to emit EMP blast and cause vast damage to enemies and disable traps.

Brilliant Hacker Crypto
Brilliant Hacker Crypto

Octane - High-speed Daredevil

This zippy chap came from a wealthy family but he joined Apex Legends battle to abate his boredom. And he lost his legs after using a grenade for a speed run. This man can heal gradually with the Swift Mend passive ability. Moreover, he can use Stim to move faster and then recover the health he lost for this skill gradually. In addition, a simple LaunchPad toss can propel this character. With that personality, Octane is one of the most interesting Apex Legends characters in this game. You can read the further guide for Octane Apex Legend here

New Apex Legends Character Octane
New Apex Legends Character Octane

Lifeline - Combat Medic

Lifeline or Ajay Che plays the role of a medic in the squad. Her task is to heal her teammates during the match. With Combat Medic skill, she can revive teammates faster while being protected in a shield wall. Besides, she can use healing items faster by 25%. Moreover, Lifeline can use her Drone of Compassion robot to heal nearby teammates. She plays an important role among eleven Apex Legend characters, who can both kill enemies and revive teammates.

Lifeline Character In Apex Legends Pc
Lifeline Character In Apex Legends PC

Pathfinder - Forward Scout

Pathfinder is the only robot character in Apex Legend PC who joined this battle to find this life aim. His slogan is ‘Losing isn’t fun. That’s why I don’t do that’. What an interesting character. In addition, this robotic character can foresee the location of the next circle with the skill of Insider Knowledge. He also has Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun, making this robot be one of the strongest Apex Legends characters. And you can learn how to play Pathfinder Apex Legends here

Robot Pathinder
Robot Pathfinder

Wattson - Static Defender

Wattson is the daughter of the greatest electrical engineer in Apex Games. This girl plays pretty similarly to Caustic and she focuses on perimeter defense. She uses her electrifying traps to protect her team. These traps can also prevent enemies and weaken them so that she can make a kill.

Wattson New Character In Apex Legends Season 2
Wattson - New Character In Apex Legends Season 2

Wraith – Inter-dimensional Skirmisher

Wraith is a mysterious character in Apex Legends world. She woke up with many voices in her head and nearly got insane. But when she started to listen and use them as a skill, it made her become a powerful fighter. These voices will let her know if the opponent squad is going to get the drop on her team. Moreover, she can become invisible and take no damages for a bit. Moreover, she has a unique power of void manipulation and becomes hard to defeat on the battleground. For further backstory and tips to play the Wraith character, read here

Mysterious Fighter Wraith
Mysterious Fighter Wraith

These are some highlights about Apex Legends characters and their abilities. One of the most important tactics to win the game is choosing your suitable characters. Therefore, getting to understand your character and role before joining the battle is a vital preparation and wise strategy. The ability and the appearance of characters are also updating throughout Apex Legend season 2, Apex Legends season 3, till the latest update.

This review has given you some requirements to play Apex Legends PC and introduce to you eleven Apex Legends characters in this game. To update more game news and informative game reviews, let’s visit Gurugamer.com.