Fallback is a 2.5D post-apocalyptic rouge-like adventure game by developer Endroad. Let first take a look at the trailer of Fallback.

Fallback tells the story about a group of rebels in a world after a cataclysmic ecological disaster. After the disaster, humanity moved to a giant underground structure by Vesta Corporation to ensure their safety. The facility is maintained and guarded by an army of robotic caretakers. As of now, 400 years have passed since then. People start to miss their home above the ground and want to return to restore the Earth.

Fallback Pc Official Gameplay Trailer 0 36 Screens
The world is in ruins now

However, these robots won't allow that to happen. They are still following the order from 400 years ago and will do anything to keep everyone here. In order to fight back, some people have gathered together to create a scrappy group of rebels. Strapped on their jetpacks, they are ready to fight to reclaim their freedom and to save the Earth.

Fallback Pc Official Gameplay Trailer 0 45 Screens
People are being captured by robots

Into the game, you will take control of volunteers who are searching for the captured rebel leaders. The game offers more than 50 different skill and abilities, allowing players to build their machine slayer anyway they want.

Beware for traps set by robots, they will never appear at the same place twice. Each run will be unique while being somewhat familiar to help players grow their knowledge gradually while keeping the game fresh.

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The 2.5D world allows the game to have many hidden paths and secret

Key features:

  • 2.5D gameplay: Players can shift the camera's perspective to open up new paths and discover hidden secrets.
  • Challenging combat: Using a brand sword and a jetpack, players can do all sort of movements and attacks to dodge and cut enemies into pieces.
  • Various abilities: With a deep and persistent skill tree, players will always want to come back to the game for more after they die.

Fallback will be available for PC (Steam) on October 11.