Exception is a product of Traxmaster Software - an indie developer. They have been developing this stylish combat platform game since around the end of 2013.

And finally, with this most recent trailer, the developer shows off how good the game is. You can see the trailer right below.

Exception sounds and looks as if it came directly out of Tron. With its synthwave soundtrack as well as the vibrant visuals, the game can immediately draw a huge amount of attention. That is not all the fascinating things since right after that is the gameplay. It takes only a few seconds before we can tell that this platformer really has potential.

Exception seems like just another platformer. But it's not.

At the first look, Exception seems like a 2D combat platform game. You will be jumping and also shooting all the way through many levels in the game. Yet, there are many more going on at every level than you might think.

In Exception, the levels can transform and reveal new pathways as well as obstacles. For instance, on your way, if you touch a green orb, the whole screen will flip around. This is a really intriguing visual which can also keep the players on their toes all the time.

Exception also features a few elements of a Role-Playing Game. After stringing hypnotic combinations together along with executing some special attacks, players can get new upgrades for their attack. This helps push players’ ability to bring about the maximum mayhem.

In Exception, the levels can transform as you go!

For such a young studio, this seems to be quite an ambitious project. However, we cannot deny their hard work for the past years.

Furthermore, the result, so far, seems to be highly promising. We can hardly tell anything about how well a game like this will be up until we actually try it. Still, many people are looking forward to it.

Exception will be available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch this summer.