The free game that Epic Game Store is giving away this week is The Messenger. It is a retro-platformer with an interesting twist, in fact, it is one of the few games that earned the “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam.

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The platforming elements are similar to every other similar title out there

As his village was attacked by a horde of demons, the young ninja has to save the legacy of his village by delivering a scroll. On his way to the destination, he has to get past various obstacles of a cursed world. The game started exactly like your usual run-of-the-mill platformer, however, it turns into an expansive adventure through space and time soon enough. The story was written pretty well, as it is full of surprises, humor, and thrills.

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Fighting a giant boss made from stone

The sound design and graphics designs are tied together and to the gameplay. The switch between the two styles is essential in resolving obstacles. The switch between the 8-bit and 16-bit builds are needed most of the time to solve puzzles and such.

The developers have been working to improve the replayability of the game. A new mode called New Game Plus was added to the game at the end of 2018, along with 2019’s free Picnic Panic DLC. There are just so many contents for the price of zero dollars, as it is currently free after just a click on the Epic Game Store.

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The story was rather well written, with appropriate humor injected at various part of it

It is kinda a surprise as there is only one free game this week. As the Mature games could be disabled on the Epic Games Store with parental controls, every time only a single game is given away, we can pretty much be sure that it is going to be safe for work title. The next free game on the Epic Game Store next week is Bad North: Jotun Edition.

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