On May 6, PUBG Corp posted its latest video on YouTube revealing the Vikendi Map's lore. This snowy region was recently brought back to the PC version of the famous BR game as a playable map. However, instead of just another same old introduction video, the company decided to make a documentary-style clip about a fictional serial killer; and somehow asked Jonathan Frakes to join as a narrator. No, you didn’t read that wrong. It’s the Jonathan Frakes from the Star Strek series. 

The video tells the tale of Dinoland, one of the hottest battlefronts on PUBG’s Vikendi map. It may give you some Jurassic Park vibe at the start of the video, but there’s actually more. The chronicle’s just as haunting and horrifying as any full-on scary movies you’ve watched. 

To cut to the chase, Dinoland was apparently established under the name of Carl Johann Lindh back in the 1970s. Soon afterward, the theme park was struck with tragedy. Everything started when a mascot actor was killed by one of the park’s trains - the same ones as PUBG players can now use to travel across Vikendi. Though the death was deemed to be a suicide, the only witness was Carl Lindh’s son, Alexander - whose mental stability is crooked. Frakes’ voice really helped to push the suspicion and seriousness of the ultra-dark PUBG lore to the climax. And just as you expected, more tragic events followed. 

vikendi map's lore
Vikendi was re-introduced in Season 7 of PUBG

Mysterious death involving Alexander and Dinoland continued until the death of Carl Lindh, which put the theme park into his son’s right. There may be some secret dealings that happened between PUBG’s mysterious taskmaster and Alexander. It’s the only reason why Dinoland is now a part of the game of death we all know. The ending really put us on a cliff-hanger. A voice actor playing a serial killer shout "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" after hearing Jonathan Frakes’ narration on PUBG lore. If that doesn’t give you a chill, then we don’t know what will.