Every time you get in trouble with your harsh life, the world of our dream will be the best healing pills. That world is always full of potential, and it's going to be the main concept in the indie game - There Was A Dream.

Having total control of the dream world is only accessible in vivid dreams, but now, you can get some of those experience through the number of things you can do in There Was A Dream. Here's the trailer of the game, showcasing some of those activities:

About There Was A Dream

In There Was A Dream, you'll take control of a young girl name Clair. The 26-year-old woman has squabbled with her family, and she can't take it anymore. But unlike other people, as they might get out of the house for another place, Clair escaped her reality to find herself in a dream world instead.

That's the only thing the developer has revealed about the game's story. However, we don't need more of that, since the rest of the story will be written by you. In this Italian suburb-styled world, you'll live your new life with loads of fantasy things - it's a dream, after all.

There Was A Dream Put You In A Beautiful Magical D
Living your new life in this beautiful dream world

As normal things as a girl do in their real life, Clair can do them in this world as well, even better. She can go shopping for clothes at local stores, in which you can customize your character from head to toes. No one judges you if you wear pajamas and a cape out of your house. You can show off your personalities by dying your hair and change its style as well.

However, even though it sucks, you still need to earn some money for your living. You'll have to pick up some weird jobs on the street, or you can start your own business by selling the artifacts you gathered on your missions. For the adventuring souls, the second choice is much better.

There Was A Dream Put You In A Beautiful Magical D
Ride your horse to adventure and search for the artifacts

Fighting monster

This world is not always full of good dreams, but there are nightmares as well. You'll have to complete some random missions from NPCs, mostly about killing monsters. Those monsters suddenly appear everywhere, spilling the nightmare in this gorgeous world. Hence, you'll put a stop to them.

There are many ways that you can slay those monsters, including a sneak attack, placing traps, or just go full in and set them on fire. You're the hero of this dream world! And the people here will reward you with new shops and activities that you can visit in the future.

There Was A Dream Put You In A Beautiful Magical D
But don't get wrecked by the monsters!

Fighting monsters also grants you some materials that you can use to craft your equipment. And when you want to take a short break from fighting, find your peace through fishing, farming, and gathering. You can also build your own house, tame a horse and wandering anywhere you want.

There Was A Dream Put You In A Beautiful Magical D
Enjoy farming when you're tired of fighting monsters

The activity in There Was A Dream is limitless, and you will never find yourself having nothing to do.

There Was A Dream is available on Itch.io

There Was A Dream is still under development, but the developer Keydare Project has brought an Early Access version of the game on Itch.io now.

There Was A Dream Put You In A Beautiful Magical D
There Was A Dream is available now on Itch.io

However, that version is behind the pay-door, so you'll have to pay for $10.98 to try it. But to the completion of the version, I think it's very reasonable and even better since you can upgrade to the full version for free as it releases.