Toonstruck first went to the light in 1996 as an adventure point-n-click games from the developers Burst Studios and the publisher Virgin Interactive. At that time, the game has received a lot of high appreciation from reviewers for its mixture of classic hand-drawn characters from both animation and real life.

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Toonstruck - a great game to try in 1996.

And now, you can try the game for free with GOG Summer Sale Festival.

About Toonstruck

Inferring from the game's name "Toonstruck", you know that you are going to be struck by cartoons!

In Toonstruck, you're playing in the role of Drew Blanc. Voiced by the famous actor Christopher Lloyd, Drew Blanc is the creator behind The Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show.

Drew's actor is Christopher Lloyd
Drew's actor is Christopher Lloyd

You're in the middle of your crisis when Drew ran out of creativity for the show. When you think that was the worse scenario, things turned even more disastrous. Drew woke up to find out that he was trapped in the world of his genius show.

Who thought your creations could be that deadly?
Who thought your creations could be that deadly?

To get home, you need to "unravel the secrets of these loony lands before they unravel you". Through the journey, Drew finds that this world is on the edge of dangers, and he decided to help his creations to overcome this.

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"Preventing an all-out war between the cartoon forces of good and evil"

How to get the game

The game was originally $9.99, but it's free now due to GOG Summer Sale Festival. This giveaway is going to end soon, so be quick and head to GOG store right now.

If you can't find the game, here's the guide for you:

Firstly, you have to sign in to your GOG account. But if you haven't got an account yet, you can create one for free by clicking into "Sign in", and then "Create Account". You'll need to check your email and confirm your registration to fully activate your account.

Once you've finished logging in, you can scroll down a little bit to find the Giveaway: Toonstruck banner. Just click on it, and hit the "Get it Free" on your right.

You can easily find it on GOG's giveaway site
You can easily find it on GOG's giveaway site

Another way to find the giveaway is to head to Toonstruck's official site on GOG, and there will be a button "Go to giveaway". From there, you're good to go!

This version is DRM-free, which means you don't need to go online or sign-in your account to play the game!

Let's see you and your creations - which is more dangerous!