Perks in Cyberpunk 2077 are unlocked by leveling in tandem certain attributes and skills... and they are essential in making your character more powerful. In this article, we would list out some of the best perks for Shooter, Stealth and Hacker build in Cyberpunk 2077.

1 - Shooter Build

You might want to get Reflexes and Technical ability if you are going for this build. Reflexes would increase your crit damage while Technical ability would let you craft powerful weapons.


  • Eagle Eye and Bullseye would increase your damage output and gun handling while aiming down sights.
  • Executioner would deal 25% more damage to enemies with more than 50% health. This would enable you to perform instant headshot kills by stacking bonuses
  • O.K. Corral is the opposite - you would be able to deal a whopping 50% more damage to enemies below 25% health
  • On the Fly let you switch between your weapons faster - you can use heavy weapons first then switch to a light weapon to finish them off.

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2 - Hacker Build

You only need Intelligence for a hacker build - the more INT you have, the better the skill you would be able to use.

Cyberpunk 2077 Builds Guide Best Builds2

  • Mass Vulnerability is perfect to open a combat encounter - it would reduce enemy resistance by 30%.
  • I Spy is worth getting early on - it would reveal enemy hackers who are attacking you so that you would be able to deal with them faster.
  • Biosynergy is pretty useful - it lets you regenerate 4 units of RAM every 60 seconds so that you can use your hacks more often.
  • Hacker’s Manual is perfect for those who want to craft quick hacks instead of buying them.

3 - Stealth Build

Cool is the attribute that you need to focus on in this build.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cool Stealth Perks 0

  • Crouching Tiger is the most useful - you need the faster movement speed while sneaking.
  • Silent and Deadly's damage would help a lot if you are going to use guns.
  • Big Sleep is useful for disabling cameras in the level.
  • Assassin is one of the best damage perks in the game - it would give you a 15% damage bonus on human enemies.

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