Iron Golem is a large, strong neutral utility mob that defends players and villagers. It is one of the few mobs that can be either built or spawned naturally in the game. With their high HP and damage, Iron Golems are one of the most helpful mobs in Minecraft and can be used for multiple purposes.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 4 best uses of Iron Golems.

1. Defend a village

Iron Golems are probably the most effective defensive method if you are trying to create a raid farm in your village. Players can either craft new Golems (using carved pumpkins and 4 blocks of irons) or just lead the golem outside of the village for it to spawn another one.

Iron Golem
Iron Golem can defend your village from any kind of threat.

After having enough golems leashed outside of the village, build a wall around it and your raid farm would be completed. Alternatively, players can create a moat and dump the golems inside it, which removes the need for leashing.

Iron golems have a large attack range, allowing them to attack through a solid 1 block thick wall, even without a line of sight to the target. Therefore, players can even protect the golem with an additional wall.

How to create an Iron Golem

The process of creating an Iron Golem requires 4 iron blocks. It means you will need 36 ingots on a crafting table.

Another element to make an iron golem in Minecraft is a pumpkin. The item can be found on an open grass field. While pumpkins are likely to appear in swamp biomes, plains biomes, or hills biomes, you can consider growing a pumpkin field on your own with just one pumpkin. Just need to divide the pumpkin into seeds and grow them on dirt blocks.

How To Make An Iron Golem In Minecraft
Place the pumpkin

The 4 iron blocks you made in step 1 and placed in a T shape (2 blocks in the middle column and each block on the top sides). Place the pumpkin on the middle column.

2. Attacking foes

With Iron Golems being a craftable mob, players can spawn them anywhere at any time as long as they have 4 iron blocks and one carved pumpkin in their inventory. Therefore, when players are attacked by a number of mobs, they can just quickly place the needed block and spawn an iron golem to fight.

Iron Golems
Iron Golem can be your greatest ally against the dangerous mobs in Minecraft world.

Iron Golems attacks all hostile mobs, outside of the Creeper. Unlike an actual pet, when an iron golem kills any mob, the player can obtain items dropped by the mob, but no experience orbs.

3. Iron farm

Iron Golems and villages are actually one of the more useful methods to acquire renewable irons. Overall, iron golem farming is much better than other methods of iron farming from zombies and skeletons due to a much higher chance of iron dropping and therefore much higher quantities of iron.

Iron Golem Farm
A well-designed Iron Golem farm can yield numerous Iron Ingots.

In Java Edition, a villager can attempt to spawn an iron golem while not having a golem alive within the box of radius 16 blocks around the villager and more than 30 seconds have passed. Players can either kill them immediately or move them to a holding cell outside the village boundary for later killing.

There are a few conditions that players need to fulfill in order for their village to spawn a golem.

Locate the village center

As Golems spawn at the village's center, it is very important to locate it first. The center is important because it determines where structures must be built to spawn, contain, and transport the iron golems.

The village center is typically the northwest corner of the village bell or one of the claimed beds, with the bell given precedence in Java Edition but not in Bedrock Edition.


Build a two-floor sleeping bunker with 10 beds on each and a stairway between them. Add at least one doorway to at least one bridge that rises up high enough to fit an iron golem underneath.

common farm design
A common farm design with 20 villagers, beds and spawn platforms.

Afterward, make 7-8 blocks of spawning area all around the bunker. (starting 1 block higher than the lowest floor of the bunker). Things are easy from here on - players only need to build a channel to guide the iron golems into a killing area, which requires a block of lava, a hopper, and a collection chest.

4. Decoration

Iron Golems are imposing creatures. With a combination of leash and wall, players can use them as decoration for whatever bases they are trying to build.

How To Make An Iron Golem In Minecraft 4
How to craft an Iron Golem in Minecraft.

Furthermore, unlike other mobs, they do not despawn naturally. Because of that, you don't have to prepare nametags to keep them around

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