Not so long ago, we made a list of noteworthy JRPG games on PC, and now’s the time to talk about some of the best anime games. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best anime games to play on PC in 2022.

1. Persona 4 Golden

You can call this a JRPG. You can call this Anime. You can call this a dungeon crawler, a visual novel, or even a Mystery if you'd like. These are all true. But beyond all of that, it's a friendship simulator, one that has never been done this well until its release or ever since. There really is nothing like it.

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Great characters you really feel attached to. There is not a single main character that I dislike (something that is extremely rare). The story, in my opinion, it is very happy and sad at the same time. The story definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. On PC to be enjoyed with 100+fps animations, full-resolution textures, and 200% resolution scaling for extra crispiness.

P4g Gameplay

Lots of stuff to do besides battles, you live the life of a high-schooler in a very real sense. You play each day of the school year and can perform various activities such as fishing, eating in fast-food restaurants, and hanging out with friends and acquaintances - the latter being a defining trait of Persona a directly influences your gameplay. Some people in the game have a 'Social link' - a bond the protagonist shares with the character. The player gets rewarded for having stronger bonds, especially with your teammates. If you end up struggling in a battle, fuse higher-level personae/persona's with different skills. Usually, you can find a persona that resists the element of the attacks a major boss uses early on.



This game is 6yrs old, runs on almost any PC(literally), is visually superior to most Anime games to date, looks exactly like the Anime and is still relevant in 2022 & beyond. Its online player base has peaked at 7k players this year & holds steady with 1k players daily, that's not factoring in PS4/XB1 players who will move to PC if they want to keep playing this game after Sony/Microsoft kill online connectivity for those consoles.


It is the best Arena Fighter & has effectively been the sole innovator of this genre, it is simple/easy to play while still being rewarding & offers incredible complexity to the gameplay if you want to be competitive and master the mechanics. It rewards both casual players and enjoyers of skill/tech-based: 3v3 combat

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The difference between this game and previous Storm games is the Counter System isn't broken(S:Revolution), ability to Switch Characters during gameplay is easily the best innovation, combining those two creates a lot of gameplay depth.

Overall, it is the best Video Game Adaptation of an Anime, it is alone worth it for the story alone. However, the gameplay will likely keep you engaged for a while after you complete the story and unlock the characters.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has the best campaign out of all the DBZ games and probably the best recreation of certain episodes/chapters from the anime/manga that have been made so far.  When I was a kid and super into DBZ, this is the game I always wanted and imagined, but we never quite got it. I would have played this non-stop for years if it came out in 2005 or so.

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  • Retells the four major sagas of Dragon Ball Z (Saiyans, Frieza, Cell, Buu) very faithfully, respect the source material, and is overall just a very authentic DBZ experience.
  • Voice actors do a great job.
  • The open world is fun to traverse and explore. It's not super densely packed, but this kind of works here because you can fly at lightspeed in freeroam.
  • Lots of overlapping economies give a good reason to collect and hunt for materials.
  • Collecting the Dragon Balls was made into a worthwhile open-world chase, as you can wish for money and rare items.

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If you read this review you are probably like me and watched the Steins;Gate anime before for whatever reason stumbling across the visual novel on steam and are asking yourself now "Is this game still worth buying even though I know all the major plot twists and the true-route?"

The short answer is in my opinion: yes it is. If you enjoyed the anime as a whole and not just the first or the second half, it's definitely worth buying for multiple reasons.

Steins Gate 1 1

First of all the game gives you a lot more information on the time-travel stuff that's going on and even discusses some theories that are actual theories in real life and it's pretty well researched by the devs. However, it never goes that deep into science that you, as a normal person, cannot understand what the characters are talking about. So it's really well balanced and gives you something to think about while reading.

Second, the characters get a lot more depth. I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise, that a visual novel with around 50-hour lengths develops the characters much more than the anime with around 8 hours. However not just that the side characters like Faris, Lukako, etc. get more depth they also get their very own ending route, that, even though it's non-canonical, is worth experiencing.

Third, the art and the soundtrack in this game are awesome. But if you've watched the anime and checked the screenshots above the review section you should know that already.

5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

This game is incredibly silly. It is cartoonish. The legal rules and courtroom proceedings are entirely illegitimate and are a horrible indicator of how court works in the real world. For example, prosecuting attorneys will insult the judge, commit assault and battery in the middle of court very often without punishment, and you collect evidence yourself without any police chain of custody and without registering the evidence with the court ahead of time. Characters even have cartoony non-serious names that just scream "this game isn't taking itself seriously."

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However. I absolutely LOVE this trilogy. The silliness - though a bit over-the-top at times - fits in well with all the emotion and "heart" of it. It's so peculiar because the game is all about applying logic and reason to solve mysteries and/or bring the truth out, but if just solving a murder was all it was, then this series wouldn't be as great as it is. I quickly began to care for each of the important characters in the game, and although some cases are less important to the overall storyline, even those "lesser" cases are enticing and introduce new characters whom you will actually see pop up again later as witnesses and persons of interest in later cases and games in the series! I actually found myself getting misty-eyed every case or so, depending on the events.

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