A crossbow is a ranged weapon similar to a bow that uses arrows or fireworks as ammunition. It is one of the two ranged weapons in Minecraft, with higher damage and slower attack speed than a normal bow. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best enchantments for Crossbows in Minecraft 1.18.

Crossbow 3
The Crossbow is a powerful ranged item that can be pre-loaded in your inventory.

1. Quick Charge

Quick Charge is an enchantment for quickly reloading a crossbow. This is the most important enchantment to have on this weapon. It is vital to get Quick Charge III as soon as possible, as Crossbows with Quick Charge III fire slightly faster than bows.

While levels 1 and 2 of the enchantment can be acquired via enchanting table or fishing, the level 3 version must be crafted via anvil (2x level 2) or bought from traders. With this enchantment, players would be able to increase their crossbow DPS significantly.

2. Multishot

This is probably the most unique enchantment for crossbows. When enchanted with Multishot, the single projectile from a crossbow would be divided into three, which increases its damage potential greatly. A point-blank shot from a crossbow can deal x3 damage to unsuspecting players (bedrock edition). Only the central arrow can be collected after shooting.

Shoots 3 arrows at once with Multishot.

The best part is that Multishot also works on firework rockets, which allow players to deal massive damage in an AoE. Tipped and special arrows also get split in a similar manner. This enchantment is mutually exclusive with Piercing, however.

3. Piercing

Piercing is a unique enchantment that allows crossbow bolts to pierce entities they hit and continue their flight. The number of targets pierced is based on the level of the enchantment +1.

Overall, piercing allows players to damage closely packed together mobs and save ammunition. However, it is not nearly as useful as multishot, damage-wise. Piercing has no effect on firework rockets fired from a crossbow.

While Piercing and Multishot are mutually exclusive, players can add this enchantment to a multishot crossbow and it would still work normally.

4. Unbreaking

The Unbreaking enchantment gives a chance for the crossbow to avoid durability reduction when it is used, effectively increasing the item's durability. With Multishot costing three durabilities per shot instead of one, having Unbreaking is vital in order to make your crossbow last longer.

Crossbow Fireworks
Shooting Firework rockets with the crossbow.

Unbreaking 3 effectively quadruples the durability of a crossbow. This is vital for rockets spammers, as each multishot rocket cost 9 durabilities.

5. Mending

Being one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft, mending allows a certain proportion of XP orbs collected to contribute toward repairing the bow, rather than raising the player's experience. This allows players to use the crossbow infinitely without having to repair it.

Mending is a treasure-only enchantment. It can only be obtained from chest loot, fishing, raids‌, or trading.

Mending is one of the rarer enchantments in Minecraft.

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