A Totem of Undying is a unique combat item that can save holders from death. By holding it in the main hand or off-hand slot, players can avoid most kinds of fatal damage. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best uses for Totem of Undying in Minecraft.

Upon activation, the Totem of Undying restores half a heart of HP, removes all existing status effects, then grants 40-45 seconds of Regeneration II, depending on the version. Players also get 5 seconds of Absorption II and 40 seconds of Fire Resistance I as well. Lastly, an animation shows the totem of undying will appear in front of players' screen.

1. Fighting bosses

While Minecraft bosses are few and far between (there are only 2 in the game), they are both much more dangerous than the usual mob. If players don't know what to expect in a boss fight, it is best to hold a totem of undying in their off-hand while fighting.

Ender Dragon In Minecraft 1 1024x576
Having a totem is useful if you are going to fight the Ender Dragon

By doing this, players would be able to avoid death at least once, allowing them extra time to figure out the boss' patterns. The extra fire resistance and regeneration effects are very effective against the Ender Dragon's breath.

2. Clearing out structures

Generated structures are artificial creations that spawn on the various dimensions of Minecraft. They usually contain rare loot, powerful enemies and even traps. While overworld structures are already a good challenge, Nether and underwater structures are even harder to deal with. The former is filled with wither skeletons and blazes, while the latter is full of Guardians and Elder Guardians.

Structures in Minecraft
Structures in Minecraft are filled with all sorts of dangers.

By holding the Totem of Undying while exploring, players should be able to avoid most unnecessary deaths. Having a Totem of Undying at all times is required if you are playing Hardcore mode.

3. Avoid fall accidents

Building tall structures in Minecraft can actually be pretty challenging. One wrong press of a button and the player can plunge down to their death. Placing landing blocks like hay bales or honey can be tricky, especially if your reaction is slow.

This is why holding a Totem of Undying is the most foolproof method. As the item gets triggered automatically if you take fatal damage, no reaction is needed.

4. Decoration

As the Totem of Undying looks rather unique, it is possible for players to use totems as decoration by placing them inside an item frame. Placing them as decoration inside a trophy room or treasure room can be a pretty unique touch.

Totem Of Undying
Totem Of Undying

While this is definitely not the most optimal use for totems, these items can be farmed indefinitely from evokers.

5. PVP

PVP is one of the most common actions in Minecraft multiplayer. As deaths in PVP drop all your items onto the ground for the enemy to take, it is the last thing anyone wants to happen. Holding the Totem of Undying can allow players to quickly escape the area, heal up and maybe even turn the table.

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