Achievements are milestones in GTA 5 that players need to complete in order to 100% the game. There are 77 of them and it would take a while for you to unlock everything. While some are fairly easy to complete... like just go into the online mode of GTA, others take a lot of time.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 hardest achievements in GTA 5.

5 - Show Off

This achievement in GTA 5 forces players to find 50 ramps in the city of Los Santos and launch off from them. Finding all of them is not that simple - you definitely need a guide to save time. However, even with a guide, there are some jumps that are very tricky to perform.

Show Off
Stunt jumps are not that easy to perform

If you can get to the required speed and get to the landing area without crashing, the jump wouldn't be counted. You might even need another guide for references on how to perform them, which could lead to some frustration.

4 - Numero Uno

This achievement requires the player to place #1 in all online competitive game modes. This achievement is annoying because you have to depend on other people in order to complete it. The best way to get Numero Uno is to grab a group of friends and take turns dividing wins until everyone gets the achievement.

Numero Uno
Getting first place fair and square is actually super hard

You can always play the modes like the achievement intended, of course, but that'd take a long time.

3 - Solid Gold, Baby!

Missions in GTA 5 features a number of extra goals for you to complete. You would get medals based on your performance in the mission: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Gold Medals means you complete the mission perfectly. This Solid Gold, Baby! achievement requires you to get all 70 gold medals from all missions in GTA 5.

Gold Medals
You need to do everything perfectly to get gold medals.

You will have to do every mission in the game seriously. While most of the conditions are not incredibly strict, some objectives are still really annoying. The hardest ones are avoiding all damage and finish a mission in a certain amount of time. It will definitely take a few retries.

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2 - Elitist

This is the version of the Gold medal challenge, but for GTA Online content. This Elitist achievement tasks you with beating all 3 elite challenges in the Doomsday Heist. These tasks are spread throughout the three acts of the heist.

You need a good team to pull this off
You need a good team to pull this off.

Some of them are fairly difficult to unlock... with the same type of restriction as Gold medals tasks. While retrying over and over again might not sound too bad, but you are playing with other people. Not many of them would like to stick with you and replay the heist over and over.

1 - Masterminds

Masterminds achievement is pretty much next-level Elitist. It is the hardest achievement in GTA 5. To get this achievement, you and your team need to complete all acts of the Doomsday Heist heist in order, on hard, without getting wasted a single time. Act 1 and act 2 of the heist are actually the harder parts.

This is one of the most tedious achievement in gaming
This is one of the most tedious achievements in GTA 5.

It is best to do this with people you know, as you will have to play with each other for quite a while. A lot of practice is needed, as a single mistake might force you to restart everything from the beginning.

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