There are essential items in Minecraft you need to stack up a lot in order to survive. These items often have multiple purposes and appear in many essential recipes that you will be using even in the late game. Some items are harder to farm than others, but you would want to get as many of them as possible nonetheless.

Top 5 items you need to farm in Minecraft 2022

5. Wool

Wool is an item that can be farmed easily in Minecraft. A wool automatic farm is easy to set up can you can obtain a lot of wool. Wool can be used to craft beds, which you going to need a lot to fight the ender dragon. If you want to get emerald, you can trade 18 wools for 1 emerald with Novice-level Shepherd villagers.

Wool in Minecraft

4. Kelp

Kelp is a super useful block in Minecraft. It can be used as food, fuel, or to make automatic elevators, XP farm. Dried kelp can be used as an XP farm since players can use dried kelp to dry other kelp. Dried kelp can be used as fuel to burn for 4000 ticks. You can eat kelp to survive and even unlock an achievement when you eat kelp for 3 days straight.

Kelp Minecraft
Kelp in Minecraft

3. Lapis Lazuli

You need a lot of Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft for enchanting and making dye. Luckily, it is not that hard to farm Lapis Lazuli and they also give you quite a lot of XP. It is recommended that your Pickaxe has the Fortune enchantment to maximize the number of Lapis Lazuli drops.

Lapis Lazuli

2. Crops

Crop is an ingredient for many great food recipes in Minecraft such as baked potatoes, pumpkin pie, glistening melons, and golden carrots. In addition, crops can be traded with a farmer. You can farm crops manually or automatically.

Minecraft Different Crops
Crops in Minecraft

1. Sugar cane

Sugar cane is probably the most important item to farm in Minecraft because of its usefulness. There are many important recipes that require sugar cane such as books. It is also an ingredient for many food recipes.

Lastly, you can trade Sugar cane with librarian and cartographer villagers to get emeralds.

Sugar Cane Minecraft
Sugar Cane in Minecraft

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